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Just an interesting day.

Tonight has been quite interesting and productive. 

The Entourage's Entrepreneurs Unconvention held today was pretty intense as it started at 9am, and ended at 1730 hours.

There were three main speakers with much stories and knowledge to share, and it was pretty intense with all they had to share. I had filled up close to seven pages of an exercise book with all the notes taken. (I shall write more of this in a separate post).

My head was pretty much bursting by the time we broke off for lunch. I didn't return for the afternoon session but headed off to Wentworth Park for Aaron's farewell BBQ.

Dai Slee, Aaron Hou, and Nicolas Coffi Dit Gleize.

I was feeling weary and was resting in the Mocktail Bar today after a long day out. Who would come but the floor manager, Sophia who came and nicely asked if I could help on the floor tonight so I thought why not.

I was pretty much in my own world in my mind except for a couple of distractions like Grace, and Taria who came for dinner. I shared my notes with Taria for she was interested in entrepreneurship as much as I was.

By the time I was done on the floor, and absent-mindedly finished my drinks at the Mocktail Bar, I realised everyone had left... Lol. 

On my way to the train station, I heard a voice calling me.. It turned out to be three of the staff that I had worked with at the Japanese Noodle Bar.

It was Dong, Nathan and Kai. Nathan was driving and asked if I wanted a ride home to Belmore, so I thought why not. 

Sometimes we find out things when we have decided to move on, and most of the time our gut instincts are mostly spot on. 

In all experience, I know that when a supervisor deems it beneath her to pay much respect to staff, or kindly, not much love nor congeniality is engendered from other subordinates. That is the sad reality of life. 

The other interesting comment I received was it seems I have been perceived as a 'very joyful' person cause I seem to laugh a lot. (really, did I laugh a lot? I can't seem to remember... ) 

Of course, the other comment is that I look  young for my age...p. Heck, even the bus driver in Hobart believes I'm in Year 12 when I paid $1.20 to take the bus...  >_< 

I was asked which youth serum was I using as I had no wrinkles on my face. The only thing that gave my age away was ironically my deep toned laughter. Lol. 

They did ask me what I was doing in Newtown so I explained that I was helping out at Lentils and the food is vegan. They were even more surprised when I said it was done voluntarily.

A couple of them decided that they would come with the others on Monday evening for dinner as the Noodle Bar was closed for work. 

Well, we'll see. 

Strawberry Buzz in Mocktail Bar. 

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