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He will find me

The week before I left for Malaysia, I was having some quiet time with God and listening to some worship music. It was at this time of meditation that I was lead to realise that God has indeed 'let me see in part, and know in part the knowledge of what His plans for me could be. (1 Corinthians 13:9)

With a start, I knew that God had indeed started to show me a glimpse of what it is to know someone who truly has a passion for God, and how this same person could have an attraction for you. I realised that without my knowing it, He had started to answer the requests to what I had written earlier in August before I had left for Tasmania.

The love for God, and the love for another person, both being called love, where one is wanting the love for God's righteousness and His presence in our lives, and the other in the romantic sense.

Perhaps it is the disappointment of having gone out with guys in the past year whose sole aim is to satisfy their own personal gratification, none of which was pleasing to God nor was I, that has been disheartening, and being unsuccessful that I already almost wanted to give up if I will ever find one who loves God.

I was wondering is there really anyone out there who is like that? It is easy to read about this, but not to even meet one. And even if they have a passion for God, there is the question of whether would I even be attracted to them, or them to me? Can I even follow them?

Perhaps God is now fine tuning me, to prune out the parts of me that really need to trust that He indeed has a plan for me.

Dai was reminding me one Sunday during lunch that the right man will 'find me'. Yes, I do remember these mundane things, although I did not make much meaning of it at that point in time.

At this point of time, I'm busy in the midst of wanting to set up a business. Although I don't need a man to really assist in my work (he can fix the lights and all things mechanical), I really just need someone who could be a supportive ear and be there for me emotionally, that he pray for grace to be upon me.

In God's timing and grace, I pray He will send the right man who not only loves God with a passion, but will find me, one whom I can trust to lead me, and whom I can love to spend the rest of my life with. It is a hard call, but I would expect that a man too who is after God's heart be able to do what God has moved his heart to, and is obedient to this calling.

Then I can indeed tell people that God is really the Great Romance Writer of our lives.

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