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God the great romancer

I really have to think that this song is really anointed. Perhaps when you listen to it, you would hear a different message.

I was not listening to the words, but to the tune of the music.

Yet as I listened to it, I felt my spirit well up, and I am just reminded of his greatness and wisdom in bringing things to pass.

God speaks to people in different ways, and He speaks to me in the midst of my tiredness, when I am half awake, just as I am about to retire to bed. (He is just so funny..)

I was reminded that God is the greatest romancer of our times, for He is interested in every little aspect of our lives, writing our love stories, and he loves bringing His people together.

What is this joy unspeakable and full of glory that I am experiencing, that my mate Rudy is asking?

At this point of time, I can only see in part, and know in part. that I realise perhaps God is finally answering requests that I have had for a long time. The only thing left to do is pray and wait patiently till it comes full circle.

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