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After working two weeks in a Japanese Noodle Bar, I seem to find myself setting a higher benchmark for other Japanese restaurants, whether I liked it or not.

Granted, I was working on the floor, but I was trained in French cooking techniques at Tafe, so I can pick it up rather quickly.
There are a couple stand out dishes that I like at Manmaruya Campsie.

First being their teriyaki chicken...  I find myself comparing the standard of teriyaki chicken dishes at other shops in terms of juiciness, and sauce. I have my sweet tooth and teriyaki chicken being one of that.

Granted that, their secret teriyaki sauce consists of sake, mirin, whole purple garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sugar, and what not and boiled with the leftovers of a chicken carcass for that wholesome chicken goodness.

The sauce is then cooked with the chicken till the sauce bubbles over, until it thickens to that glazey sweetened sauce you would expect of teriyaki chicken sauces.

I have also come to expect a side saucer when I have a dish that is served with wasabi....  Which seems to be lacking for service at the Japanese bar I went for dinner with Cecile tonight in Belmore.

Yoshi-San, the chef who works at Manmaruya, is an experienced Chef... In particular, his knife skills are consistent in  sashimi slicing. I particularly like how he plates the aburi sashimi.

Aburi salmon sashimi is salmon that is torched and then drizzled with sauce for that stand out presentation on a platter, and Yoshi-San is particularly adept at that.

Finally, I like how the tonkatsu broth is made at Manmaruya Campsie. It is rich and somewhat oily greasy and what you would expect from the hours of boiling the pork trot to release that collagen, marrow and fat that makes up the rich pork based broth you would expect to go with your egg based Japanese ramen noodles.

I really like my food (thanks Nathan for telling me that). ... Especially the ones with lots of fat and lots of dangerously high diabetic levels of sugar. :-)

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