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Tasmania: Hobart Day 5- Cold Spell

On my last day in Hobart, I stayed in. Temperatures were dipping low, and it was freezing cold. I asked Matthew, husband of my host, and he said it wasn't that common to have such cold spells on normal days. 

Apparently some other parts of Hobart was snowing today, in particular about 100 metres near to Mount Wellington. I peeked out the glass door to feel the temperature, and the wind was blustery. Not a good idea.
Hence, I decided to just stay in and have some breakfast. That was just some cereal and hot beverage.

To start the day, I watched a video from HTB church. The message was called Trusting God...  It was not an earth shattering message, but it was good to start the day listening to the promises of God.

Then I spent the rest of the day watching The Big Bang Theory, and having some packed lunch from dinner yesterday.

Matthew sent me to the airport, and I checked in my measly one luggage.. Might as well, since I paid for it...

My plane reached Sydney 15 mins ahead of schedule... 

To end the day, I had dinner with my Indian housemates.. So it turns out, most of them sit on the floor to have dinner. And there ends my adventure to Hobart for this round. 

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