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Tasmania: Hobart Day 3- Mount Wellington, Salamanca and Chicken Wings

My third day in Hobart has been a lot more relaxing. This morning I listened to a message from the British church of HTB about listening to the whisper of God.

The message was very encouraging as I realised that it helped me to relax my mind and deepen my dredges in order to hear God's voice better when He Whispers. 

Look at the height of the snow. Massive!
The first place we were supposed to visit was to Salamanca Markets in the morning, but my host decided to make an ad hoc visit to Mount Wellington, or otherwise known as Kunanyi.

After our trip,  we headed down to Salamanca Bakehouse for a late lunch. Lunch was salmon pies, with scones, cream and tea. :-)

It was located near Salamanca Saturday day markets near the Hobart CBD. Then we headed for a short walk around the area, and to the waterfront nearby.

We headed home early, and I helped the host to make dinner. I cooked the chicken wings I marinated last night in the oven. 

It was nice to bake them in an oven which is not gas fired as I think it helps keeps the moisture in. The old style gas fired grills that is still found in most Australian homes is just pretty chappy for grilling as it keeps burning the chicken wing tips.

 I wasn't too pleased about the Korean pancakes I made as it was not as crispy as i wanted it to be.

The flavour was there, however it was cooked in a ceramic pan on an induction cooker, which I was not used to, as I normally just use a gas stove which gives out more heat and takes less time to fry.

My host made salmon congee with chicken bones for flavour. It was pretty good.

Then I helped dry the dishes after dinner, and watched Bicentennial Man, and Transformers. Then ends my third day in Hobart...

Total I felt a lot more freer than I ever had since arriving from Sydney. Miaw asked if I had found what I was looking for, but my reply to her was nothing happens instantaneously.

It is a time of reflection as well as it takes time to clear all the stuff and noise in my head that has been happening in the last six months. Let's pray that by the time I return to Sydney, I would have received a touch from the Lord that I truly desire.

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