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Belmore: Saturday night out.

It's been close to a month since I have moved in to Belmore. It's North Belmore, to be precise, as Belmore is a pretty large area when it expends from one end to the other, walking at a normal pace  could take up to 30 to 45 mins.

Not many people are familiar, nor aware of where Belmore is located. But it is located along the Bankstown train line, one stop before Lakemba, and one after Campsie. To its north, one can drive by car towards Belfield, Strathfield, and Burwood. To its south, one can catch a train to Campsie, and take the 400 Bus towards North Bexley, Rockdale, International Airport, and Bondi Junction.

Around the first week point here, I scheduled a meetup for my mates to come and visit the area. I am doing this in honour of Jessica Yu, as I know I won't be seeing her for a very, very long time. (She's gone away for two months traipsing the world). :-)

Pork Belly. Yum!
For dinner, we headed to Jin Go Gae. It is a korean BBQ place located towards the northern side of Belmore to the right side of the Belmore train exit.

About five persons turned up. Hence, we decided to order the BBQ set at Jin Go Gae, as it would be more cost effective. It turned out to be less than $15 a person.

Hot Pot. 

After dinner, we decided to get some sweets... as it was still early, we managed to check out Flavor's Patisserie, located just across the street from Jin Go Gae.

Jess making a face at the camera. 
 Desserts are cheap at this place as I bought my choc powdered covered tiramisu for $3Aud. Yum.

Last but not least, we decided to head out and check out the Canterbury Leagues Club located within two mins walk from the Belmore train station.

The Canterbury Leagues Club is rather picturesque as it has indoor waterfalls, lots of pokie machinese, cafes, and you need to dress up when you go in. No shorts, slippers or thongs when entering.

An earlier picture taken in the day at the cafe..
Happy four of us remaining at the Canterbury Leagues Club. 

To end the meetup, we decided to head to my home, which was within walking distance... I am sure that was on Rudy's mind when he came over. We celebrated the end of the night with some Cointreau, and Red Label before each retiring to our own homes. :-)

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