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Belmore: Hoa Hung Tofu

Edward, a friend from church who has lived in Belmore for years, told me that I can get soy bean products from the tofu factory.
When I was on my way home tonight, I passed by the factory and decided to do that. It's located a few minutes walk from the Belmore station. 
2 litres of freshly made hot soy milk for 2aud

Freshly made Tau Fu Fa for 2aud each container. 

Tau Fu Fa is a hot asian dessert made using pressed soy beans and coagulated into like a semi soft custard, then sweetened with a sugar syrup of your choice. 

They do sell a variety of other different soy bean products as well. If you are interested to get cheap tofu soy bean products, this is a place to check out. 

Hoa Hung Tofu
296 Burwood Road
Belmore NSW 2192 

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