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I finally graduate from Commercial Cookery Cert III


I finally graduate from Commercial Cookery Cert III

A couple of weeks back, I had finally completed all 48 service shifts that was  required for my final practical unit of Work Effectively as a Cook.

It's been an interesting long three months, as I've met quite a number of interesting characters, been through a period of back pain, and actually excelled much better at my knife skills.

The place that I did my practice is at a place called Lentil As Anything. It is a non for profit restaurant in Newtown, which has an interesting and colorful group of people. The restaurant caters for vegan cuisine, which means that any food produce is free from animal source, i.e honey,  milk, and eggs.

I never thought I would actually improve in my kitchen skills, but I did.
I'm now off to a new journey, between traversing the path to an unfolding work path that exists due to my venture into the food industry, and managing what to do with my previous training as an early childhood educator...
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