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Do your best and worry less.


Do your best and worry less.

There is one thing I have learnt: 

If a person wants to spend time with you, they will spend time with you. 
If a person wants to write to you, they will write to you.
If a person doesn't want to do anything, you will know it too.

There is nothing really you need to do except to go about your own business and being the best in what you can in serving others in need.
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Lower Back Pain in my 30s.

There are some ailments that don't appear till one reaches certain milestone age in their life. For me, it was reaching my thirties and being inundated with more chronic back problems,  and not to mention a lowering metabolism. 

Recently I started my practice in a not for profit kitchen. It is not a commercial kitchen so work is not as hectic as it could be. However, as most may or may not know,  working in the kitchen requires one to stand for many hours.

Regardless, I've learnt that taking breaks is essential for maintaining the health for my back. I'm not sure about others, but I definitely need mine.
After about 18 days in the kitchen, over about five weeks, my back finally told me she wants a break. Lol.
So I did.

I basically slept in for two days and would have slept more if my friends had not come and look for me.
On Friday,  Jo came and looked for me.  we ended up going to her friend's place for dinner.
I am really grateful to my friends who have come to check on my well being making sure I have not passed on.. Hahaha.
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Usana: Essentials Pack, Calcium, Biomega

I finally succumbed to ordering Usana supplements from Jo. 
(Technically, I was actually the one who introduced her to Usana, but I shall leave that for another post).

There were a couple of reasons.

Namely,  her complexion has improved a lot since February when she started taking it.  I've known her for many years and she has always had bad skin. 
Secondly, she gifted me a bag of Fibergy (which is powdered psyllium husk)  from Usana...  Lol.
Also,  as a side effect of using it,  she lost about four kilos, and thought it would benefit me,  especially around the waistline. Haha.

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Opal Card - Taking the Ferry in Sydney

I rarely take the ferry from Meadowbank Wharf.  Generally, they are a little more costly compared to talking the train or bus.

However with recent track work, the idea seemed more appealing. Sometimes you get free WiFi on board the ferry as well, depending on your luck. 

The Opal card has actually made it more cost effective to take the more costly  transport types, if only you knew how to manage it... yes, you do need a strategy for it. 

If you have more than 8 rides per week, the Opal card is then automatically entitled to Opal Rewards,  which entitles the user to travel on any mode of transport for however far the distance.  

The only condition is that regardless of the mode of travel the first eight rides were used on,  each mode needs to be done separated by one hour. Also, Opal Cards are limited to a maximum of $15 usage a day, so if your travels amount to more than $15 for that day, you would have to wait for the next following day to complete the rest of the eight rides. 

The earliest any user can reach their Travel Rewards is by Tuesday,  or on average by Wednesday.

I have tried this myself,  and ya, the lowest anyone could pay for eight rides is:
 using the bus x aud2.10. 
Ferry from Meadowbank Wharf.
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Carmen's Birthday @ Encasa - April 2015

Last Saturday was Carmen's birthday..... someone suggested Encasa, so we decided to head off and try this place in the city. It's located along Pitt St, near World Square. 

To keep ourselves amused, we decided to take selfies and pictures of the food like every other typical Asian of this generation. #trending :-)

Jingren, William, CY and Carmen

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Photos: March - April 2015 memories

Ok, I know most of these pictures aren't that clear, but they are the only ones I have. 

So enjoy it as much as you can!

        Chinese New Year dinner at Jess'. 

            After Cheeky Chocolate with DJ

        After Cheeky Chocolate with DJ

      Art Gallery at Redfern with David

          Aaron's birthday at Star Bar

  Royal Sydney Easter show at Olympic Park 

       Isabelle and me at Cheers Bar. 

       Easter Sunday dinner at Malin's.
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Interning: Lentil As Anything

It's been close to two months since my return to Sydney.

I would not say it has been the easiest seven weeks of my stay. Returning here to Sydney, I was saddled with depression in the first two to three weeks, then was having the flu for a while. You would think I was going to die then. >_>

Apart from that, I've had other things on my plate, whilst learning to not let the actions and words of others to have a toll on my emotions, and learning to stay calm. 

And of course, pray, pray, pray!!


Then I started my internship at Lentil As Anything.  A friend from the meetup group, Zak introduced me to the restaurant. So I contacted the head chef, Sian who then put me on the roster.

The first two weeks there, I was basically packing everything in five days each week, thingwhen I realised I was exhausting myself. So I decided to slow down and take my time with my stay at the restaurant. 

After about my 12th day, I finally have comments from three different cooks that my vegetable chopping is much faster.. Lol.

I've basically learnt to chop big vegetables like pumpkins, eggplant, cabbages, lettuce, etcetera, deep fry loads and loads of vegetables and pappadoms, manage the pass, and do plating up portions for plates. 


In my last count, I have about ten days counting more. I have decided to make my tenure worthwhile, by looking up some vegan and vegetarian recipes, and perhaps I can I recommend or intro to the headchef to make it (taking into account this would be for about at least 200 persons I'm cooking for). 


I haven't decided what I want to cook, so that is where the recipe books I've borrowed from Meadowbank Tafe library comes in handy.

I feel blessed to have a penpal, Mok, who can give me calm and mature advice from a man's point of view. He says our conversations are always very constructive which I have to take it must be good? Lol.

Also the same from my married female Korean friend, Jo, from time to time when we do catch up over tea.

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My thoughts on using Facebook

My thoughts on using Facebook

Today I'm going to take a break from blogging my thoughts on Facebook, and instead do it here in my blog.

Facebook has become such a huge part of our lives in the past five years, that everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon.

When I initially started blogging, we used yahoo geocities in the late 1990s. This went all the way, till at least Facebook hit the scene.

Blogging trends moved from blogs to Facebook... As much as I want to close my eyes and pretend that Facebook doesn't exist, unfortunately that's like hiding your head in the sand when the world continues to evolve at amazing speeds. 

What I've noticed recently is that Facebook can be broken down into three different segments, or parts. 

There is the FB Page, where people out their businesses on it. Then there is the normal FB profile of the users. Last, but not least, there is the newest bit which is the FB Messenger. 

Each of these segments can be used independently from each other, which actually I realise, makes life a little more pleasant.

In the event that I only want to use the FB Messenger, or just the FB Page for work, I can do so without accessing the main FB app, where I can get lost in the endless newsfeed updates from all the people on my contact list.

I have one thing to say. As much as FB is a 'personal page', it is not a place to air our private thoughts. 

The best place is still to write it out in a diary with a pen, and paper, where no one can hack it or disagree with you or engage with you in a fight. (Taken from Kingsman, the movie. Lol). 

Not everyone will agree with our thoughts, be it on FB or on our blogs. That is just the reality of what the world is.
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