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Hair colouring and styling @ R2 Saloon

So it was that time of the year where I needed to have my hair styled again... 

My hair was becoming difficult to manage, and straggly like a dirty cat >_> 

It was back to looking for Kenny, the hairdresser that I have been visiting for the past two years in Mega Mandung that I visited last April. 

I went to visit him on Thursday...

Before pictures...
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We went to Bali!

                                           Posing in traditional Balinese costumes.
Recently abut three weeks ago, I made an ad-hoc trip to Bali in January to join a couple of mates in Sydney. They were Dominic B (a french Canadian speaking friend), DJ (hindi and arabic speaking friend?), and a cantonese-french-speaking friend, Isabelle. 
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First sunrise of 2015 @ Bondi Beach

So on NYE, my mates and I in Sydney decided to take to the beaches of Bondi to celebrate the first sunrise of 2015.

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