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Zoom Optics: my new spectacle frames and sunglasses.

So what do you think of my new spectacle frames?

I ordered mine at the Zoom Optics outlet in Rhodes Mall. 

The initial package price is 199aud for two pairs. The first one shown above in the photo is a normal pair of glasses and multi coated (top up of 50aud).

So these are my new pair of sunnies. They have polarised lens (top up of 150aud). 

The polarised lens is really wow! If I look at my iphone screen with the sunnies on, I see 'special effects'. It's like there is light reflecting off it! (Actually its a bit disconcerting when looking at Iphone4 when wearing the sunnies ..)

The total amount came up to 433aud. Medibank covered up to 233 AUD, and I had to pay 199aUD for the remaining balance of the amount.

Is that cheap or expensive? If I didn't have a Medibank insurance plan, I would not have bothered with the glasses or the sunnies. But anyways, since I already did, I just went with it. 

Let me know what you think in your comments below. 

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