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18/01/2014 and The Primal Blueprint Eating Guide

I realised I haven't been updating this blog as much recently.

Life has been a lot busier been keeping me occupied with work, as well as building a network of social connections here in Sydney.

One of the sites I would recommend but very under-utilised online sites is Even back in KL before I made my journey to Sydney, I was already participating in activities with both Facebook group, Likemind. This group is heralded by one of my mates, Remus Chong. They generally join up with one of the other Meetup groups when organising events.

Recently I made a number of new mates from the Sydney based Meetup groups, which was an eye opener. Anyways, majority of my mates are still mostly Asians, due to shared interests and values. 

But what I really want to write about in this post is this link to Mark's Daily Apple.

Print Screen of Mark's Daily Apple...
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PICS: Week 7 Sour Cream Mixed Berries Tartlets, and BiarritzPetit-Fours.

This is week 7 of my weekend Patisserie baking class. For this entry, I will be putting up photos of two of the best desserts, which is the Sour Cream and Mix Berries Tartlets, and the Biarritz Petit- Fours.

For this class, I was actually late due to transportation delays.. as such I didnt get to watch the class demo on pastry making.

Use a fork to prick the pastry. Pastry can only be be turned around,
and flattened using the rolling pin, never to be turned back and forth.
It will only break the pastry structure.
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PICS: Week 6 Charlotte Romaine Sponge Fingers, & Dartois Puff Pastry

So this is a belated post of my weekend French patisserie classes.. Work's been hectic, and busy with end of the year celebrations and meet ups :-)

For this post, I will post up some pictures of the Charlotte French Sponge Fingers and Dartois Puff Pastry in progress.

The Charlotte Romaine is a french non baked dessert which contains cream anglaise custard encased in sponge finger biscuits..
Mixing of milk and eggs with whisk.
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