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Personal: A new employer and Cert III Patisserie


Personal: A new employer and Cert III Patisserie

So how is my life recently?

I applied for a new job with this employer after waiting upon it for a while. I was always considering to look for work in Montessori centres, but the centres I was interested in were not hiring so I had to scrape that plan. It was mostly too far, or maybe other reasons. 

As they say, necessity is mother of invention. And money is necessary for survival in Sydney...
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Lancome: Beauty Haul from Harpers Bazaar & Elle Premiere Event

So guess what I bought from Lancome during the "premiere event" recently... ?

To recap, all participants were given a copy of the Australian Harpers Bazaar, and Australian Elle Magazine for the month of November 2013. 
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Paris International Cooking School: Chocolate Macarons

For Week 5, the PICS baking class as usual made 3 pastry products. However for the purpose of this post, I've reduced it to just focus on one item. 

Most people are familiar with this item as it is quite well known, and for strange reasons, popular with customers regardless of the fact that it is super super sweet... 

But anyways, here are some pictures of this product made in progress so my readers have an idea of the process that goes through when making macarons. 

About two to three days before class, break and separate 2 egg whites into a container. You may keep it in the fridge that it keep. This batch allows you to make 2 serves of a baking tray size.

The reason for this is allow the egg whites to oxidate.

In many baking products, almond meal/ground almond/ almond powder is used. 

The above is equal amounts of almond meal mixed with icing sugar and cocoa powder. Almond meal is ordinarily light brown in colour and for macarons, almond meal without the brown husk is used. This combination is called 'tant pour tant'.

For the beaten egg white meringue, it is beaten as usual. However boiled caster sugar and water, measured using a sugar thermometer to measure the preciseness of the temperature of 115 degrees Celsius is needed. 
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Lancome: Harpers Bazaar & Elle Premiere Event @ Myers Sydney CBD

Myers Sydney 
So not too long ago, I saw an ad on Lancome Australia's Facebook Page holding a 'premiere event'. 

I decided to give it a go, wanting to know what new products and discoveries that Lancome has in store for customers. The only way to reserve a ticket was to prepay 30AUD to attend the talk, which is redeemable for purchase of products after the event. 
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Spa Universe: Decleor Skincare, & Inika Beauty Haul (November 2013)

So recently Spa Universe was having their year end sale. Among the range of brands that they had on sale was Bergman Beauty Care, Carita Paris, Decleor Paris, Inika, and Priori. 

The sale was held at their warehouse office in Zetland. It is about a good 15 mins walk from the Green Square station. I managed to go on the second day of the sale, which was on a Friday.. and I reached there at a good time in the morning where there was no crowd. ('People Mountain People Sea' as they say in Cantonese.) It was good timing as Saturdays are the worst possible times to go with everyone off work.. and loads of people coming. 

So this is my haul below..
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Eats: Mizuya Restaurant & Bar @ 614 George St, Sydney CBD

Mizuya Restaurant & Bar happens to be one of my favourite Japanese restaurants during my time in Sydney.

The prices are fairly affordable compared to some of the other japanese diners and good when going in a company of three or more. This place is not one for going alone... having company just adds to the experience. I love this place so much!

Mizuya Restaurant & Bar is located within walking distance (about less than 5 mins) from Town Hall train station, and across the street directly from Events Cinema on George Street. Because it is located in such a busy area, during busy dinner times, you have to take a number. I would suppose it is best to call and make a reservation as this place is really popular with huge groups of people during dinner time.

Taking a picture in front of Mizuya.
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