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Adelaide: CBD, Whispering Walls, Botanical Gardens.

Here are some interesting shots I took whilst at Adelaide. I really like the Instaweather app as it is GPS based and tells you the exact time and temperature of the location when the  app is used.
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Adelaide: Leaving Kangaroo Island

The next morning, (22/9) I had a short walk in the Flinders Chase Farm. This is probably Bella, one of the dogs that guarded the sheep. 
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Adelaide: The journey to Kangaroo Island

So early on a Saturday morning (21/9) we made a trip up to Kangaroo Island. Our pickup with Groovy Grape from Backpacker OZ was at 6.30am. 

Breakfast from a cafe near the harbour.
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Victoria: The Grampians

(19/09) Today is the continuation of the third and last day of our tour. We head to the Grampians which is a continuous circuit of rock structure after the 12 Apostles on the way to Adelaide.

Instagram joining in the fun. 
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Victoria: Lunch at Lake Pertrobe and Mckenzie Falls

(18/09) Picnic lunch at Lake Pertrobe. On the way to the Grampians and had DIY lunch at the park. 

Ha, maybe I was truly naive but I thought we would go and have lunch at the cafe. But on a backpacker tour, food is provided but it is self cooked. Everyone chips in!
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Melbourne: Great Ocean Road and The Twelve Apostles

So I finally made my way out of Melbourne. My pick up from Groovy Grape was late as there was some miscommunication..

But anyways, that was settled.

Great Ocean Road...
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Melbourne: Sights of Melbourne

So I have just spent five days travelling on my own on the trams and trains of Melbourne.

I now make my way to The Great Ocean Road on the Groovy Grape tour.

I didn't write much in the last three days as I was really busy meeting up mates and running around with domestic tasks. 

Went to visit Madeline and Bob living in Fern Tree Gully, in the East, which is located an hour away from the CBD.

Visited Madeline and Bob. This is their three year old daughter, Cheyonne.

Ever seen a lemon tree before?

Little flowers (no idea what they are called though) found in Madeline's backyard.

Flinders St train station, one of the main stations in the CBD. The weather was up to 10 degrees on Sunday night. So yeah, it was really cold!

Met up with Matt, and Aaron from Toowoomba on Sunday afternoon.

Visited the Hillsong campus service in Melbourne CBD on Sunday night. 

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Day 2: Melbourne, Vietnamese pho, and Zinger Pie!

Today was a lot less eventful than my first day here.

Here is a picture of a tree in early spring taken in Caroline Springs. 
After our morning tasks in Truganina, Bro. Low and wife took me to St. Alban's to have Vietnamese pho. It's like Cabramatta in New South Wales, a big Vietnam Town.

Beef pho. Lots of crunchy bean sprouts and a piece of lemon. 

Boxes of Strawberries selling at Aud1.49 

Taking the bus from St.Albans to High Point Shopping Centre, one of the bigger malls in the vicinity. Roughly took an hour to reach via bus. 

Early evening tea at High Point SC, a KFC Zinger Pie combo set. Only in Australia.

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Australia: Arriving in Melbourne (Day 1)

So I have arrived safely in Melbourne. It is super freaking cold here...!!!! 

Bloody 9 degrees. Can't be compared to Sydney's 20 degrees (according to Yahoo today).

Bought this at the duty free shop ar thr airport on my way in. I will probably get more when I leave Australia, but this is for the mates whose place I am staying at.

The officer didn't question much on what I wrote on the border immigration card, though trying to decide whether to tick 'I am migrating permanently' or as a 'Return Resident Visa' is a bit confusing. 

One thing about travelling on Air Asia, if you can afford a bit more, try to get the seats nearer to Premium and in the Quiet Area. There were at least three babies screaming at the top of their lungs at 3 am in the dead of the morning. Drove me nuts!

So I have arrived safely now. Took a two hour nap. It takes roughly twenty mins from Caroline Springs via bus and another forty mins via train directly to the city. Fare is roughly 7Aud for a daily rate for Zone 1+2 on the MYKI transport card.

I am now at Max Brenner, having just ordered my large hot chocolate with crunchy waffle balls. (About 6.50Aud).

Display of a variety of chocolates and chocolate inspired cakes at Max Brenner.

Different mugs at Max Brenner

Outdoor heater at Max Brenner at 17:22 hours.

The National Library in front of Melbourne Central station.

Last but not least, is my purchase from David Jones this evening. Aud122 for a total of five full sized products!

Until tonight... Laterz!
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Travel: Boarding Air Asia for Melbourne

So I have finally checked in on Air Asia. Carrying with me is my Deuter backpack which I bought from Hanoi. It weighed up to 8 + kilos...

Then there is my True Fitness trolley bag which weighed up to barely 6 kilos.

Thinking.. Thinking.. Maybe I should buy another zipper bag from Haytown markets in Sydney to make it up to 15 kilos? Lol. *crazy girl*

I am just at Marrybrown now ordered a Lucky Plate costing abt RM16.70(tax inclusive).
For travellers heading to Australia, there is a rescreening of luggage at the waiting hall. Further too, there will be some inspectors asking about visa and immigration questions stationed in the hall. All travellers, citizens of Australia or not are subject to the questioning.

Ok, people, see you guys in a bit. Continue to stalk my blog for updates on my trip around Australia!
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Metamoff Gallery: Cats Eye Design

Before: with no eye makeup application 

After: With Cats Eye design application 

Items used for this design: MAC gel eyeliner (black), eyeshadow, falsies and glue, kohl pencil.

Brushes: eye shadow blending, eyeliner brush. 

So as most may know, I have been attending makeup classes for the past few months. I had to choose between other blogger activities, or makeup lessons. 

Since I had to pay for my makeup lessons, that was my priority. 

A mate of mine remarked that I could pick up tips from watching YouTube. 

However, she forgot to remember that people who could pick up tips from watching videos would already have a basic foundation in makeup application, and that was not an option for me. 

Above are pictures taken from the most recent eye makeup lesson where I was learning the cats eye makeup design.

My skills are improving so I am rather pleased about that. With more practice, I should be able to create and better adapt the colours to my preference. 
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Lyrics: Rise up my soul and sing (2002) Kingsway Music

Lyrics: Rise up my soul and sing (2002) Kingsway Music

Awake my soul rise up from your sleeping,
Do not slumber or sleep anymore,
Raise your weary head to the new King,
Lift your shout let your voice be heard !

The trees will cry out if we are silent,
Trees will clap their hands and rejoice, The mighty oceans roar with a new song,
Mountains bow down to honour Your Name!

Rise up my soul and sing (x2)
Rise up my soul and give glory to The Lord!

I dont want to sleep anymore,
But I'll awake the dawn with singing,
Hear this crying heart of mine as I lift up my song,

Lift it up, lift it up, lift it up!

(repeat chorus)
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Eulogy: Vicky the white dog

When the day is done,
 You shall pass on to sleep.

 Bark to your heart's content,
 At all the neighbours,
 Running after the neighbours
 Making all the young girls cry
 And all the young men run away.

 Sleep, sleep into the night
 When you will pass on into doggie heaven
 And have a barkful life
 Full of doggie treats
 And rats to bite.
 And all the dogs to fight with.
 But sleep you must
 Sleep will you soon
 And sleep indeed you will, Vicky 

 I could not let this dog pass away without leaving an entry in my blog.
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The Lilac Box: Jimmy Cho edition

Hello boys and girls, how have you been lately? 

So recently or not so long ago, I subscribed to my first ever monthly Lilac Box. I had bought the Decleor limited version of The Lilac Box, so this is my first for the monthly one. 

I managed to subscribe to this edition right before I left for my trip to Hanoi, where I told the administrator I would pay first as I would not have access to the Internet as I would be abroad.

A deluxe sample of Sothys Hydraadvance cream and masque.
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Bangkok: Damneok Floating Market, MBK, and Terminal 21.

So we made a trip to Damneok Floating Market on our second day in Thailand, which was a Friday morning. This is the second post I am doing on the same trip for that day. The first post was written here using my Iphone3 whilst on the road.

Unfortunately I don't have my big Lumix camera with me at this time, so I cant upload the lovely big pictures... (sorreee.. got to wait okayyyyy)

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Bangkok: A day out in the city

So I had a busy last week of attending wonderful nourishing spiritual food at the conference last week. 

Here are some more food and sights of Bangkok to whet your appetite. 
Noodles we found at a nearby mall in Dindaeng. 
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