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Breaking fast, or Iftar in the month of Ramadhan...


Breaking fast, or Iftar in the month of Ramadhan...

Maybe I live like a frog under a coconut shell (katak di bawah tempurung), but since I barely go out for dinners in Kuala Lumpur, I dont really get to see muslims breaking fast, or Iftar as it is called. In KL, we just call it 'buka puasa'.

This week I will be spending my dinner time at Midvalley, being there for work purposes.

I was at one of the fast food restaurants earlier for dinner, about 6.30pm. In KL, the Iftar time is about 7.30pm.

The restaurant had reserved almost three fourths of the sitting area out of bounds. When the staff said the tables were reserved, initially I thought they meant peoples had already reserved the tables for a special event.

Then later as I was sitting down to enjoy my meal, I saw a number of malays starting to sit there. It then dawned on me what the staff meant when they said 'reserved'.

Anyways, just for the month of Ramadhan, if you're in KL, try to go for dinner after 8pm, or maybe around 6.30pm, as you probably wont get a place to sit in the times between anyways.
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July 2013: My Night Skincare Face Regime

So I finally made an appointment to go in for a facial at Estuary MediSpa (Scotts Garden) on Sunday after church service.

My beautician who serviced me speaks mostly Cantonese, so the following conversation that took place is translated.

When doing extractions, the beautician mentioned my skin is a lot more hydrated, and there were less skin comedones than previously. She continued saying that I must have been consistently following up with my skincare regime.

However she did mention the 'moon crescent' area (which I am assuming she means my forehead) still had some sticky comedones, so I am looking to clear that area too.

Basically she mentioned that regardless whether I wore make up or not, I should be double cleansing my face daily due to the 'fui chan' (dirt) that settles on my face each day. She recommends using cleansing milk, followed by cleanser.

(thats her advice, but it doesnt mean I will follow)

Anyways, its heartening to hear that my regime is paying off after all! My cheeks has been a little rosier than usual so I thought it was dehydrated or was suffering from allergies.

This is my daily skincare regime:...

Part of my old Mi Kam Su Faceshop products haul..
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Hi Shop: Heaven on Earth- Miniature Vial

Thanks to Hi-Shop for the Miniature Vial!
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Free & Easy: One Day in Bangkok City


Free & Easy: One Day in Bangkok City

Itinerary according to Wikitravel:

1) Take the Chao Phraya Express Boat or/and the Saen Saep Express Boat

2) Grand Palace + Emerald Buddha

3) Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha) + massage schools for massage

4) Wat Arun (across the Chao Phraya River)

5) Mandarin Oriental

Sleep early the night before. Wake up early and head to the canals.

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Holidays: Planning for Hanoi, and Bangkok


Holidays: Planning for Hanoi, and Bangkok

So it is the time of the year when Raya holidays are coming, and people are planning for holidays.

This year, for the Aidilfitri holidays, I and a mate of mine will be heading towards Hanoi and Bangkok. Initially we were planning for Osaka, and even Australia, but decided that since I have been to both places, its better to go to a place neither of us have visited before.

My Cell Group was asking if I wanted to join them for a mission trip to an orang asli camp, but since we have already booked our tickets, I had to forgo that.

Anyways, our tentative plans for Hanoi & Bangkok are as follows. Anyone in either places, let's meet up!

Saturday (Vietnam)
3rd August: Fly in to Hanoi (Vietnam) from Kuala Lumpur.
Check in at our hotel at Hoan Kiem, Hanoi with direct taxi from our hotel upon arrival at airport. Roam around city and get to know the place.

4th August:  Ha Long Bay. Planning to stay overnight on the boat.

5th August: Check back into the first hotel where we stayed on our first night. Check out local diners.

6th August: 
Check out museums and local hangouts.

Wednesday (Thailand)
7th August: Catch the flight from the Hanoi International Airport to Bangkok. Check into our hotel in Dindaeng.
* Ensure that our train tickets are collected!
MBK- Siam Square, Pratunam Wholesale Market,

8th August:
Bangkok Canals (Chao Praya River) + (Grand Palace + Wat Pho) + Thai massage.
Wat Arun (across from Grand Place)

Grand Palace:
Opening ticket hrs : 8:30 – 15:30 daily.
Admission fee : 500 baht/pax.
 *Grand Palace tickets can be used for Vimanmek Mansion + Old Parliament. 

Wat Pho
Opening hrs : 8:30 – 17:00 daily.
Admission fee : 100 baht/pax.

Wat Arun 
Opening hrs : 8:30 – 17:30 daily.
Admission fee : 50 baht/pax.

Golden Buddha
Opening hrs : 8:00 – 17:00 daily.
Admission fee : Golden Buddha only = 40 baht/pax.
Golden Buddha & Museum = 140 baht/pax

9th August:
Floating Market. (Take taxi to Tha Kha first. Then take a boat to Damnoen Saduak Floating market for THB 200 (RM20) per boat.

This tour package or this tour with Garden & Cultural Show maybe an option.

10th August:
Taking the overnight train back from Bangkok to Butterworth

11th August:
Hopefully in Malaysia and on the way home. LOL


Places of Interest to Visit in Bangkok:
So this is the sample of places to visit in Bangkok given to me by my Thai friend, Pom who lives in Sydney.

Floating Market:  
Floating market, the new one is 1 hour from Bangkok but the old one is 2 and half hours from Bangkok.

If you stay until weekend, consider to go to Cha-Tu-Jak weekend market. it's opened only weekend and you also can catch sky train to reach there.

Huai Bin advises: Be careful of the private piers and go straight to the Damnoen Saduak pier. If you want a more local experience, get a taxi that’ll bring you straight to Tha Kha and head to Damnoen Saduak floating market from there, which will cost just THB 200 (RM 20) per boat.

Emerald Buddha Temple ( make sure dress politely and pay respect ) and visit the markets around there. The museum is nearby and there's a public ferry across Chao Pra Ya River.

Better go visit both Emerald Buddha & Kao San Road in the same day as they are close suburbs, catch Taxi or Tuk Tuk. Public transport around that area will give you headache. Or you can hire long tail boat with tour guide to take you around that suburb and community. No subway or sky train to reach there, just have to go by taxi.

Khao San Road is popular for tourists too and full of back packer and guest houses, a lot of shop and restaurant over there.

From Bangkok to Pattaya Beach is around 2 hours drive.

Anyways, I've picked some interesting stuff from HuaiBin's blog since he only just visited Bangkok not long ago..Ok, not the gross stuff that will frighten girls but things that are interesting to me...I'm linking him coz he's so detailed. LOL

Since Huai Bin has so many posts on Bangkok, I picked them out individually...
Bangkok Tour Company:

Information about places to visit in Bangkok for Opening Hours, and Admission Fee:

TripAdvisor: For online booking with Bangkok Online Tours.
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Nestle Wellness: Makan, Minum & Bergembirala- tanpa perlu menambah berat badan.

Since I am going for an Iftar buka puasa International Buffet at Sheraton Hotel this weekend, this came at a right time.

Taken from hereNestle Wellness: Makan, Minum & Bergembirala- tanpa perlu menambah berat badan. 
Looks caloric.... 
|Jangan mengalah pada hidangan buffet.
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Sunny: Taking my Korean Visitor around Kuala Lumpur.

Sunny at base of KLCC Twin Towers.
About a fortnight ago, my korean friend, Sunny made a visit to Kuala Lumpur whilst on transit to Sydney.
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Nutrisearch: Comparative Guide to Nutritional  Supplements (2011)


Nutrisearch: Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements (2011)

This is an addition to the 18 supplements that were reviewed here for their 2009 edition

Single Product Ratings 4.5 - 5 Stars:

- Allergy Research Group Steady On
- Country Life Superior Multiple
- Creating Wellness Alliance (Purpose) Vitalize
- Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive IX
- Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive IX with Vitamin K
- Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive X
- Life Extension Foundation
- Life Extension Mix
- New Roots Herbal Multi-Max Immune
- Ortho Molecular Products Alpha Base Capsules without Iron
- Ortho Molecular Products Alpha Base Capsules without Iron or Copper
- Rainbow Light RejuvenAge 40+
- Rejuvenation Science Maximum Vitality
- Schwarzbien Institute Ultra Preventive III
- Super Nutrition Men's Blend
- True star Health
- True Basic Solo
- USANA Health Sciences Essentials
- Vitamine Shoppe Life Essentials Multi

Related Links:
For more information on Nutrisearch, and their publishings, check out:

Nutrisearch: A Comparative Guide to Top 18 Supplements in Australia and New Zealand (2009)
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Nutrisearch: Top 18 Supplements in Australia and New Zealand.

Nutrisearch: Top 18 Supplements in Australia and New Zealand.

These days, it is essential to be taking supplements. This is more important as one ages...

With the lack of an exercise regime, and foods which are lacking in nutritional value whether either through impure farming process, through use of chemicals, or the manufacturing process, we need to look for supplements that is able to complement our diets with enough nutrition for our daily needs.

In the past three years, I have tried supplements from brands like Blackmores, Amway, Elken, and finally Usana in the past one month.

Blackmores is extremely popular in Australia, being an Australia brand, and I used to take it, as it was available at most chemists and supermarkets.

Amway, and USANA are if I am not wrong, American brands, and Elken is a homegrown Malaysian brands. These three brands are distributed under a Multi-Level Marketing companies, and can be quite costly if not bought under promotions.

Below is a list of 18 supplements that have won 4.5 to 5 stars in a search done by Nutrisearch. You can download their brochure from the link below.
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Sulhwasoo: Starter Pack (RM210) @ Parkson Pavilion

RM210 Holiday/Starter Pack available at Parkson Pavilion
I recently purchased the RM210 Starter Pack that is currently retailing at Parkson Pavilion. 
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(ADV) Think Pink, Think Vanish (Get Free Samples,& a Contest too!)

How many of you do your own laundry?

Well, I do. Since I moved overseas to study and live, that was the start of a turning point for me!

kitchn cooking
Making chicken curry in the kitchen during my University years in Toowoomba (March 2006)


Sulhwasoo: 4 piece kit delivery by mail from South Korea!

So my parcel from South Korea arrived last week Thursday.
Recently I ordered a four piece travel kit from
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Weight Loss Report: Using USANA supplements.

My new supplements...
So I finally broke my own weight loss plateau again after this...
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Nano Technology: Beauty Bloggers beware of nanoparticles in skincare cosmetics!


Nano Technology: Beauty Bloggers beware of nanoparticles in skincare cosmetics!

Recently I came across an article by another beauty blogger, Daily Oxford who briefly touched on the topic of lipid nano technology.

She apparently was using Sulhwasoo but has since discontinued since she read that the parent company, Amore Pacific had patented the use of nanotechnology in their cosmetics and skincare line.

Beauty bloggers should take note particularly on skincare that utilizes nanotechnology. My readings reveal that currently, nanotechnology is prominently used in the production of suncreams, and anti aging products.

Other companies that have been found to utilize nanotechnology in their cosmetics and skincare include: Loreal,
Revlon, Avon, Prestige, The
Body Shop (belonging to Loreal), Dr Brandt, Sircuit, Zelens, and many others.

But what is nanotechnology? In layman terms and in a nutshell, it is the use of technology to create products with particles nano and tiny enough they could enter your skin cells, and change it from within.

Yes, they can enter your skin cells and actually change it. But is it for the better, or for worst?

In the field of medicine, I would assume this will create many opportunities for victims of burns, skin atopia, and sufferers of people with skin problems.

But cosmetic companies attest that taking the example of creating suncreams with ingredients tiny enough that they will become transparent so it no longer has that pasty look we normally see when we apply them on ourselves, would encourage more people to use them. But is that necessary?

I dont know about you, but I dont think I want foreign chemicals like alum entering my bloodstream. I dont mind using normal white pasty suncream.

Beauty mag online in their article states: "The Societies concern is that manufacturers ensure
that the toxicologal tests that they use recognise that
nanoparticles of a given chemical will often have
different properties to the same chemical in its larger
form and may have greater toxicity."

Nanotechnology does work, and it is here to stay.

Just like in the days of Cleopatra who used arsenic creams to keep her complexion fair and clear, we now have a different kind of technology which may cost us our health.

The question is are you willing to pay the price for beauty?

Daily Oxford: Switching from Sulhwasoo to Bee Sting.

Nano cosmetics may carry big

Nanotechnology and skincare:


Eats: KGB Killer Gourmet Burgers @ Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar.

Wooo check out this latest burger joint in Telawi 2.
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Butterfly Project: The first ever Spa Party @ Posh! Nail Spa

Hi people.... been really busy recently...
Anyways, found the time to finally do a simple write up of the recent spa party that the Butterfly Project held recently. It was hosted at Posh! Nail Spa, located in Taman Tun Doktor Ismail on a lovely Saturday afternoon in the last week of June.


Sulhwasoo: Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream

Woo... I wonder what's in the two boxes..
So recently my friend, Sunny from South Korea came down to visit me on transit to Sydney.
I asked her to check the prices of Sulwhasoo products in Seoul, which she did!
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Mivva: Unboxing Pampering Kit July surprises (2013)

What a cute polka dotted black silver box... I wonder what lies beneath...
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Buys: USANA Probiotics, and Digestive Enzyme Plus

Supplements from Usana...woo!
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Japan Airlines: Special Promo Fare @ RM700 onwards for return!


Special fares for Malaysians to Tokyo from only RM700 (return economy fare)* in conjunction with the removal of visa requirements!

 For booking assistance, please call us at 03-62866218 (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm) or email us at

For more info, please visit -

Sales Period : 1 July 2013 - 16 July 2013 -
Travel Period : 2 July 2013 – 30 November 2013 -
Eligibility : Min 2 passengers -
Max Stay : 14 Days -
Ex-Penang to Kuala Lumpur is subject to an additional charge of RM300 return -
Japan domestic flights are subject to an additional charge of RM300 per way
 *exclude airport taxes and fuel surcharges.
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Sulwhasoo: Short Review on the Essential Range Skincare Samples

Samples sachets in their pockets. 
First Care Activating Serum (Booster),
Essential Revitalizing Serum (Concentrated Serum)
Essential Firming Cream
So after redeeming the samples, I finally had a go trying out the sachets..

Want to find out how I liked it so far? Well, read on then...
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Buys: My first Coach satchel handbag @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

oooohhh I wonder what is in that bag... shh... don't let my mom know!

The model: madison op art sateen juliette
A label sewn inside that states where this bag was sewn...
Receipt in the red card holder, and an Authencity Card (Warranty Card)
When you buy it, the sales assistant attaches a tag like the one I am holding to the bag. 
A card that instructs you how to care for your bag. 
I've bought Guess, and Fossil. In fact, lots of Guess hand bags, and my one very expensive sling from Fossil in Myers on sale when I was living in Sydney.

Finally, today, after much persuasion, from my friend Lai Ching, who had just returned from the UK for holiday with her baby girl, Alyssa,I succumbed to finally pampering myself with my very first Coach hand
bag. So this time, I told her she could pick a bag for me.

It would not have been my first choice of colours. Coz my favourite colours are brown, dark brown, and if I had a choice, all my handbags would be sling types, and dark brown and dark red. (I tend to like woody colours, and the tomboy type. LOL)

This is the model type she chose for me: the "madison op art sateen juliette"

  • Op Art sateen fabric with leather trim 
  • Inside zip, cell phone and multifunction pockets 
  • Zip-top closure, fabric lining 
  • Handles with 13cm drop 
  • Longer strap for shoulder or crossbody wear 
  • 34cm (L) x 21cm (H) x 10cm (W)

This is not the kind of style I would choose, but it takes me out of my comfort zone. That is to not always fall back on the same colours.. which wouldnt make any difference from any of the other bags I already
have in my closet if I had chosen a similar style to what I normally would get.

Checking their website online, they had  a few more models of a different colours, but those were not available at the store.. *sad*.

The only reason I succumbed to her persuasion was some of her words rang true.... I don't have very bad skin, so I don't really need to spend so much on skincare at this point of time yet. As long as I eat healthy, have enough rest, and also keep fit by having enough exercises.

Anyways..... I am sure you all are wondering how much the price is?


Well, the retail price of this purse is about RM1525.

There was a 40% discount on it, so the price came down to about RM915!
(That is about AUD300 ish after conversion..... so I dont feel the pinch.) =.=  However, it is well, twice the price of my Fossil bag which I bought at about AUD120 only.

Some word of advice for care of these bags: 
1) Dont use it when wearing a new pair of jeans, or clothes that can transfer colours or dirty the bag... it is an expensive piece of item so please very good care of it.

2) Wash your hands and make sure your hands are clean before holding it... I sure will do that.
I hope. =.=

So, I ended not getting any skincare, but I got myself a new handbag instead!

The next thing I can imagine her dragging me to get is a new pair of jeans, a pair of heels and probably a new top from one of the British labels ...


Ok, goodnight readers!

For more updates on Coach Malaysia, check out their website.
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Sulwhasoo: Redemption of Complimentary Skincare Samples

Information Brochures
Finally redeemed my complimentary samples!

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The Difference between BB, CC and DD cream.

Its interesting what Yahoo Malaysia comes up with in its Bahasa Malaysia articles.

The latest invention to come out after the BB cream now is the DD cream.

Want to find out more what it is? Read on....
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Sothys: Countdown 14 Days to Bastille promotion!

Countdown to Bastille promotions for 14 Days! (1st July to 14th July 2013)

Available at all Sothys Flagship salons (formerly known as 128 Faubourg).
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