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Bodycare: Yage Life @ Taman Danau Desa.

So just about a couple of weeks back (sometime in April), I was feeling really tired and sleepy. To add to it, my back was hurting. As my workplace was near Taman Danau Desa, I decided to check out the foot, and body massage centres there.

Yes, going for massages are among my favourite past time.. not because I love them too much, but out of necessity of my aching back... >_<

Most of the massage centres in Taman Danau Desa were on the ground floor, and were of the chinese asian kind. They were the kind where you typically sat on a long chair, and the sifu would render their massages as you sat there. People from outside could see what was happening inside, so I didn't like those kind of centres as they did not offer any privacy.  

Finally I decided on this place called the Yage Life.
Front of YAGE Life.

As you can see from the picture, the front of the shop is tinted in black, and I like those kinds of centres as they offer more comfort and privacy to their clients.

I decided to try out the 60 minutes body massage (RM55). My therapist was a chinese lady from ShenZhen, so she spoke Cantonese. Yes.... people from Shen Zhen are categorized as Cantonese speakers, so as those from Macau, Guang Zhau, and Hong Kong.

The centre has two floors, and I was asked to remove my shoes which was kept in a shoe cabinet and serve a cup of chrysanthemum tea. Then I was led upstairs to the next floor, which was accessible only via a security key.

The floor upstairs was tastefully decorated with dim lights, wallpaper, and a waiting place with two chairs. Very minimalistic romantic design.I am sure they had hired the work of interior designers when they started out this place....

For my body massage, they therapist used baby oil. Though she said I could upgrade for a better massage oil form RM10, which I declined.

The therapist noted that the muscles around my neck, shoulders and back were really tight, and wondered if I sat or worked on the computer a lot?.....    >_<


Anyways, the massage was fairly relaxing, and quite different from thai style massage.

I did not take any pictures of the place as the therapist said she was not sure if the Manager would allow it or not.

I like the quiet and dark dim lighting as it offers much privacy.

Price: Affordable and inexpensive. They don't offer off peak pricing.
I do believe they offer half hour massages for lunch time goers, but you can call up to enquire.

You will have to state what you want, in order to get a thorough massage. If you want strong or light, please let the therapist know in advance.

Massage prices are as follows:
They offer other services like guasa and cupping, but it is preferable that you call up to enquire before heading there.
Reflexology:RM47 (60 minutes)
Body Massage: RM55 ( 60 minutes)
Tel: 03-7987 2293


Anonymous said...

oooh man, can't believe you went in there... it's a man place where Hand jobs (or more in some cases) are given to male customers...

cheayee said...

What to do... I must have looked naive. Lol. I know that a lot of people searched for B2b with the words Yage Massage. Lol

yan kwok chun said...

is female customers welcome in Yage?

Nicholas Cheh said...

The ladies will hustle you for a masturbation. Do not come here if you want a decent massage, especially if you're a male homosapien.

cheayee said...


Oh well.

Anonymous said...

This is a very different picture of what it is .... really

cheayee said...

I know... they get "happy endings" to finish off their massage. LOLOLOLOLOL

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