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Photoblog: Indonesia-Outward Bound

1st Leg of Journey: 19th to 22nd January 2013:

Tawangmanggu- Waterfall & Wahana Kampung Pinus Sarangan (Outbound)

Continuing in our photoblog, we move on from Tawangmanggung to Outward Bound a few kilometres away....

Dicky's entire family consisting of his sister, Syeren, mother, Remus, and me decided to up on the trees for some high roped excitement. Dicky meanwhile stayed on the ground watching from below >_<

I cant remember exactly how much it cost, but it was about 70,000 Rupiah per person.

Me up on the tree.... (shaking away!)

For lunch, we had Soto... YUM 
Some kind of  kerabu salad ? 
Some kind of ice kacang...
RC & Syeren (Dicky's younger sister)


Zayin Chai said...

this kind of activity Bukit Cahaya also have..Skytrek, ard Rm35 per person..

CY said...

This one so happened there is such a place near Dicky's hometown in Prigen. okay la, about Rm25 after conversion.

dicky said...

great adventure at there... so pity i just take pict for you hahahah

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