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Planning for Hanoi and Bangkok. ^^

So its been a while since I wrote... LOL ^^

A picture of me to remind you how sexy I do look ^_^

I managed to complete my first ten km at the Brooks race recently (last week, that is). ^^
Check out my picture.. my arms are pretty toned up now, through all the time I put in getting fit. It's all good.

Not much to add, but its been a pretty good first two months, and its now already March.

Anyways, for vacation this year, I'll be heading with a mate of mine to Hanoi as well as Bangkok in August this year!  Air Asia was having promotions up to Sunday, and tickets were going cheap, so we had to decide quickly.

I was initially deciding to head to Sydney, (it's my second home, after all), or Japan but decided since I managed to get some kaki, we might as well head somewhere different we had never been to. 

We then thought of Japan, but after counting the financial costs, my friend, ZY realised she couldn't afford the budget at this time. For me, I was still put out by the whole nuclear fallout scare from Fukushima. Granted, this won't be my first time to Japan if I did go ( I visited Japan in 2009), but I intend to wait it out a bit maybe once I have children, I would go with a husband in toll.

In total, we paid about RM518 for the Air Asia tickets to Hanoi (one way) and Bangkok (one way). We havent planned on the best way to leave Bangkok yet, but being so near to Malaysia, we decided we could try out the train, or even ferry (if we aren't sick of boats by then!)

Ok, later people!

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