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About Me

About Me:
The blog formerly known as Bak Chee Leng Lui 白痴靚女.

My Travels:
I have travelled from Malaysia down to the cool temperate skies of Australia, New Zealand, the burgeoning South Korea, the train expresses of modern Japan, wintery China, and even the busy streets of Singapore.

NZ South Island: Lake Taupo3
South Island (NZ): Lake Taupo @ Summer 2008.
Dunkin Donuts
Myeongdong @ Dec 2008
With Hye-Ji in Busan @ Winter 2009.
Kyushu @ Winter 2009
Pre-wedding photography: Kyushu @ Winter 2009
Australia has been the place I have lived furthest away from Malaysia, having lived and worked for 5 years in various places, predominantly Australia i.e Toowoomba, Sydney, visited Melbourne, Tasmania & Perth.
Cecile & Me @ Luna Park, Dec 2008
Christmas Light4
Christmas Lights @ Sydney: Dec 2008
Korean shops
Strathfield @ Koreatown: Sydney @ Winter 2010.

I love food. Although I am more inclined to fitness these days, I still love my food...

My favourite is Kal Guk Su, an authentic korean homemade vermicelli knife cut style noodles.

The best I found was in Strathfield, NSW Australia. It sells for AUD10.00. Yum. The shop is a very small dinery located by the Strathfield train station (one that leads to the Strathfield mall)

The freshness of the home made kalguksu (which does not have so much additives) paired with fresh made kimchi makes the taste totally out of this world. You will think you left earth and went to heaven.

Unfortunately that cant be found in Malaysia, coz it needs to be made by a korean native for that korean authentic taste.
Kalguksu (Strathfield, 2010)
I also love hot chocolate.. one of my sinful calorific loves.. YUM

Hot Chocolate from Max Brenner (Sydney, 2011)
Cappucinno : Max Brenner (Sydney, 2011)
Meat pies are Yum. Get the home made ones, not the ones from Coles or Woolies... those are the shitty factory manufactured with all pasty and no flavour.

Meat pies (Illawara Highway, 2011)
Vietnamese Pho are also one of my favourite delights. In New South Wales, and Melbourne, many native Vietnamese have settled and opened their own dineries. Of course, there are the good ones, and not so tasty ones. You just need to pick the right places.

I hope to try good Vietnamese pho when I head to Hanoi in August 2013.

Authentic Vietnamese Pho (Sydney, 2011)
Hong Cha is this place in OUG, near where I live. The food is cheap and good and served in abundance. YUM.
Hong Cha (KL, 2013)
Of course, nothing also beats home cooked food made with love... especially during festive times.

Home cooked Hainanese Chicken (KL, 2013)

Home cooked scallop. YUM (KL, 2013)

My Early Childhood Education blog:

Hanna me
Hanna (from HK) during my convocation @ March, Toowoomba 2008.
USQ Friends @ March Convocation: Toowoomba 2008

I am a trained early childhood teacher in Australia, possessing a three years Bachelors degree in Early Childhood from University of Southern Queensland. I currently still maintain an early childhood blog at:

My Beauty Blog:
I formerly used to write at

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Preview
Attending the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Preview @ David Jones, Sydney,  May 2010
Asterspring ORP- me!
Asterspring Bangsar Shopping Centre: ORP @ March 2010

Kiehl's 2009.

Children's Orphanage: Klang @ CNY 2011

La Senza: Show Off  @ Oct 2012.

Plus Size Kitten: Shu Uemura OB Princess Launch @ March 2013.
I will be migrating these elements with my current writings of travel stories, favourite eats, personal journeys and wonderings of my spiritual growth with God.

To continue sharing in my adventures, please remember to like my FB page, if you haven't done so yet. ^^

For services, events and product reviews, I can be contacted at: cheayee (at) gmail (dot) com.

As of 23rd June 2013:
As of this date, I have migrated all the past written post to As such I will making some changes to the layout to better fit the current theme.

Thank you all for your loyal support to The Beauty Regime all this while.

Chea-Yee @ The Tales of a Kaleidoscope Adventurer.


Huai Bin said...

Hooray for Australia! I love the place too! :)

I love "About Me" posts like this.

Good writing, I'll be reading Chea-Yee!

CY said...

Ya, Australia is like my second home... heheh..

as the song goes, "I still call Australia home..." >_< LOL

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