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Indonesia: Travel Journal 19th- 28th January 2013

This is a belated entry... Finally got around my creativity feather to getting it done. ^^

 Pictures will be uploaded in succession.

 1st Leg of Journey: 19th to 22nd January 2013:
 Tawangmanggu- Waterfall & Wahana Kampung Pinus Sarangan (Outbound)

 January 22nd: (Tuesday) @ Pasar Walikukun

Checking out the toko emas itali di sini. lepas itu cuba nasi gudeg tempatan. interesting lifestyle they have here.

Aku juga beli sekalung rantai emas model Aloha buatan HWT 420. Di sini emasnya sekurang kurangnya 10kt, kerana perbelanjaannya mahal. Penduduk tempatan ngak bisa berbelanja sebagaimana penduduk di KL boleh membeli semahal emas 916/22 kt. Sekarang sedang menggunakan handpon Samsung Note kepuntaan teman ku untuk melayar FB.

Tapi baik juga tidak ada konneksi internet. Boleh detoks FB begitu.

 January 21st (Monday): Visit to Borobudur

If you really want to come here, be ready to pay USD20 for entrance, and bring your sunnies, sunscreen, umbrella and get your arse here before the afternoon sun is up.. coz you will surely burn 2nd leg of journey: Prigen (Bukit Doa) 23- 26th January 2013

 3rd Leg of Journey: 26- 28th January: Galaxy Mall, Tunjungan Plaza, Ciputra World 

 January 28th 2013: Home Sweet Home. Finally back in KL. So happy to see the smiling face of Vicky, my white dog with its tail wagging. Just got dropped off by a member from CG earlier, which was a relief as I didn't want to take the bus down to Sentral. On our last morning in Surabaya, we got picked up by Dion, & Dicky.

Didn't follow the transport that was arranged for us by Mawar Sharon as ours was prearranged with our mates earlier. Anyways, on our last morning here, we had breakfast in the hotel, packed our stuff and headed to the Juana Airport. Had burger and rootbeer float for lunch in 'Awee' (A&W).. Heh.

If you didn't notice by now, this food chain restaurant can be found in almost every single Indonesian city that I had visited. Their float uses the squirting ice cream machine, and not charged by the scoop. Float goes for about 12 ribu IDR. Good bye Surabaya. Goodbye, Indonesia. Maybe I will see you again in Jakarta one day. Kkk.

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