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First 10km Brooks race completed!

Okay, my feet are kind of sore... Just tired, but not painful. It was painful the first few times I managed 7km ish though.

So today's race was good. Good to run with

a couple of other hundreds/thousands? of racers.

My friend, Asta came to pick me up from home at 5am. Reporting in was scheduled at 5.40am. Any later, and it would be difficult to find parking. Obviously it was dark as night when we reached the place.

There weren't as many sponsors for this as for the PJ Half 2012, where I participated in my first 3km Fun Run. The latter really had a fun fair atmosphere and lots of balloons and activities going on.

It was just a quiet sea of orange vested racers just preparing for the different races.

Today is my first official 10km race. My Timex Run Trainer calculated 1.45 hour- 9.38km

about 5.38KPH. Good race. Don't ask me where the rest of the 600 meters went though. LOL.

There were a couple of 21km racers who actually fainted at 12km race points... Not easy, so make sure you train and pace yourself if you do participate.

What I really didn't like was the usage of plastic cups by organisers to at water stations. The plastic cups were just strewn everywhere on the side of the roads. I wonder how sustainable Brooks procedures are, and what they do to ensure these plastic cups are properly disposed in an environmentally sustainable way?

Someone should bring this up in the planning of marathon implementation.

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