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Eats:Birthday Dinner @ Coco Steamboat

On Sunday, my mates and I decided to celebrate a mate's birthday. We ended up with Coco Steamboat due to their alleged tasty "pork bone base" hot pot soup. Coco Steamboat is a non-halal dinery, if you're wondering.

We arrived at the Old Klang Road outlet by 6.30ish, but the place was fully packed...

OKR place packed!
No place to sit.. minimum waiting time is 30 mins on a weekend!
Fish ponds to calm the nerves? LOL
Cheras & OKR map on the name card. 
We were told by the manager that there was another outlet in Puchong. Our driver, Zen (who was already really hungry then) decided to make a go for that instead.... We ended up making a few false turns before being able to located the designated outlet.. >_<.

It is located up the street from Pappa Rich near Puchong Boulevard.

The newly open Puchong outlet in late January 2013.
Puchong crowd was already there.
Menu and all.
Although there were four for us, we ordered for two persons soup base (and fillings) (RM33.60), and added on our ala carte dishes to the steamboat base. We ordered one serving of Sliced Pork  (RM11.90), Mushroom meat ball (RM9.90), Pu Er tea set (rm3.50), Ice Pot (RM1), and Pineapple Juice (RM4)

Order for two person's set.
A closer look at the base soup with stuff swimming inside >_<
Doggie bags for my dog (the staff gave a generous supply of left over pork bones for my dog, Vicky!
Dinner came up to about RM82.80. There was no service charge or government tax on the receipt though, surprisingly. 

Siew Ying's opera cake... (RM21.50 from a bakery in Danau Desa)
Siew Ying, the birthday girl!
Everybody smile! (Zen, ZY, me, Siew  Ying).
Food Marks: 7/10
Location: Fairly easy to find. (if you have Google Maps!)
Puchong: Currently available.
OKR: Advisable to make bookings beforehand. No reservations after 6.30pm.
Better to come on weekdays.


Puchong: 51-02, Jalan Kenari 19a, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.
Phone:019-277 6596

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