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Timex Women's Trainer Run GPS + HRM: Arrived safely but dead?

So the TIMEX Women's Trainer Run GPS + HRM watch which I have ordered via Ebay from the US has arrived via registered mail on Monday (18th February 2013). This particular model is currently not available in Malaysia or in Singapore either.

I have tried to get the watch turned on and even charged it via USB through the computer for four hours as per the manual included in the box. However a blank screen is still staring back at

This is making me get a tad bit cross now as I wanted to use it for my 10k training.

So now I have to wait since I dont have either a heart rate monitor watch nor proper GPS watch to use now. 

There is still the pending transaction feedback of my purchase with the Ebay distributor. They pretty much did a good job, but I dont fancy sending it back to the USA coz the delivery charges are expensive.
Doesn't TIMEX have quality control before delivering merchandise to distributors?

Anyways, sent out a few emails to both Timex and the Ebay distributor. As of today, I have yet to receive any replies from either the Ebay distributor- Clever Training, or Timex USA.
I wonder what is happening on their side?
The box that it came in via US Express Mail.

My Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS+Heart Rate Monitor from USA is here.
Bought on Clever Training via Ebay.
Price of watch:USD199.95
Delivery charges: USD32.99

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