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Pre- Brooks Marathon Diary: Diarrhea, Interval Training.

2nd March 2013: 

A week full of challenges.

4 days of food poisoning stuck in bed. On the 4th day, managed to get up and go for a somewhat difficult 3.01km walk. Dad went down with stomach flu (or whatever that was).

5th day got stuck at office. Decided to go for a thai massage get rid of all that wind. 6th day morning, decided to go Bkt Jalil and managed an easy 3.75km in one go. Just came home from having char siu wantan noodles. That's my carbo load for the day.

 Tomorrow's the day. My first 10km Brooks race. Can't wait! Thank the Lord I survived through this week!

February 28th 2013: 
After 4 days in bed (mostly), managed to move my ass... and could only walk 3.02km in 49mins+, with
rest time of 12.43mins before raising the white flag. On the other hand, its a good way to scout out your neighborhood, esp. when bringing your dog out for a walk.

Two of the other joggers greeted me, one friendly old indian man, and the other a yuppie looking chinese chap.

February 25th 2013: 
Didn't have anything but Vico drink for breakfast on Monday, only had a bun for lunch, and some soupy rice for dinner last night. Went to bed at 9.30pm.

Woke up today not feeling that much better either, had a Vico drink, and some soft cheese cake (nothing else to eat at home).

One week to go before the 10k. Praying that everything goes well. 

Interval Training: 

The last I trained was last Friday (22/02/13). I decided to complete an interval training exercise which consisted of warm up (5 mins), walking of 4 mins, followed by running of 2 mins. Then repeating this in three sets. This exercise is useful to make the transition from walking to running, since I have now completed a base of walking 10k so far.

My calves actually feel the pull even three days after doing this. However due to my diarrhea case above, I have to put off any exercises of any sort at least until Thursday, since on Wednesday I have an hour of latin dancing. I've seen fixed the heels for my latin dance shoes, so I can stand and balance myself better.

February 21st 2013: 
I'm so relieved!

I completed 10.10km today. With my heart rate monitor, total calories burned counted = 1,250 kcal. Completed in about 1.57mins. Still less than 200 mins.

This is a good milestone, cause now I can start to work on speedwork, and work on improving my walking technique.

Min HR is 79 BPM. Average HR is 137 BPM. Peak HR is 222 BPM. 

February 18th 2013:
On Saturday (16/02), I completed about one hour of circuit training at True Fitness in the morning. Went home to rest for about three hours.

So I completed about 7.42km on Saturday evening. However my time of completion took a bit longer about 97minutes, which I had to stop due to the rain.

This second practice took a bit longer time to walk than the one on Thursday's, possibly due due to inadequate recovery period.

My right leg is currently still sore so I've decided to make it at least minimum a two day recovery period before I proceed to go on another outdoor walk to minimize any further injury this close to the marathon.

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