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Fitness Diary: Preparing for the Brooks 10km Marathon (Pre-Chinese New Year)

Its actually been a while since I blogged, but my Facebook page has been pretty active...
Anyways, ever since my last marathon (the Three Km one during the PJ Half Marathon 2012), it has actually piqued my interest to participate in marathons.

My next one will be on 3rd March 2013 which is the Brooks Marathon which I signed up in early January this year.

I've been logging in hours and have also joined a gym (True Fitness) to motivate myself to get fit and work out. Below is my journey as I train for the Brooks Marathon in the next four weeks to come!

February 6th 2013:
Yesterday night, finished 3km in 36 mins on speed of 6 with average pulse 110 on Gintell treadmill @ home. Refreshing but sweaty. 90 calories burnt- not as much as I want to burn, but more importantly to develop consistency in ability to walk to finish 10km walkathon. 4 more weeks to go!

This morning, I can feel the shoulder and arm muscle pull from working a few rounds with the two sets of 4lb dumb bells last night. (they look cheerily bright orange, and deceptively innocently light on the arms).

An hour of latin dance (Rock & Roll) will have to do tonight... >_<

February 7th 2013:
Due to my early arrival home today, I decided to make it my Mileage Building Day: 60 minutes.

Having only trained on simulated terrain so far, aka. treadmill @ the gym, I'm now taking this out to the real terrain, the nearest being ou...tside my home.

With only 3 Saturdays left to train, time is of the essence.

The terrain is good training ground for my feet. I'm now sore in my knees, and can feel the physical strain. With only tomorrow to recover, I am hoping to squeeze in a Saturday early morning for a repeat of Mileage Building Day of 60 minutes. If that goes on comfortably, I'll push it to 90 minutes. Just a reminder that I should probably be looking at getting a water carrier now that I need to start training beyond 60minutes.

February 8th 2013:  

So I've started on a low caloric meal since Monday. It's been just fish, chicken, tuna mayo, wholemeal bread, green tea. Totally gone cold turkey on rice and noodles.

Drastic times require drastic measures? LOL

Haven't actually gone on the weighing machine yet coz mine at home is dodgy. =_=

Anyways, my friend who is participating in the Brooks marathon, Alice has recommended that I download Endomondo app on my Iphone 3 and Nokia E63 to keep track of my distances. Let's see how that works out.

Today is my record breaking day!  So much for resting... LOL.
Today (according to the Endomondo app) I managed a first with 7.32km at 102mins. (1.7 hours). Estimated loss of calories is 453kcal (approx. equivalence to one meal!)

I have to go up this really steep incline 4 times for the route I created. Seriously kills the crap out of my knees. But I know they will be stronger by next week when I repeat the same route.
But for... me thats good news coz that means my goal of completing a 10km marathons is almost there. Lets try to up it to 10km by next weekend! Ganbate!
(Ok, I promise to rest this weekend and start again maybe on Monday ^^)
Note: Pls remind me to get a waist pouch and possibly energy gels to try out before the marathon. On the other hand, maybe just carrying my mini back pack might be equally good... Hmm

February 9th 2013:
Just gave my dog a shower... He obviously doesn't like getting wet... When I tried to get him dried under the hot sun, the last I saw of him was hiding under the car! =_= (this dog is an old shrewd).

I can finally feel my gastrocnemius muscles, also called leg triceps, or calf muscles (whichever is the right term for it.. LOL). Got dragged by a mate to go for a massage near midnight (the things w...e do for fun >_<).

Wanted to wait till at least Monday, but since I had a chauffeur, I thought might as well get it done since we won't have any time next week.

So today is my cheat day! Being 'lin sam sap man' or reunion night before Chinese New Year, there will be feasting tonight.. lots of prawns, steamed chicken with soy sauce, steamed fish with soy sauce, Buddha jump over the wall soup, handful of rice, coffee, and maybe 'siu-yeh' (supper) after at Macca's with the cousins. LOL.
There won't be as much feasting on Sunday though, but maybe on Monday when the Open House feasting starts.

Ok, going to have to spring clean my room now... Clear all the garbage. Remember, no sleeping of floors on first day of New Year else all your 'luck is swept away!

To all my Chinese friends, have a great reunion dinner tonight!

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