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Journal: Exciting Times Await.

The wheels have been set in motion. Its just a matter of things setting in its place.

Two milestones will be crossed within the next 30 days.

My first 10km walkathon with Brooks, and training furiously for it. It will take roughly 2 hours and more to finish it based on my past training record, and with less 4 weeks of practice to go!

The second one is a social convention milestone, being my first date with CC. He is a candidate arranged by the matchmaking company, LA that I signed up with before my trip to Indonesia. I'm surprised they actually found me a candidate so soon! The date will take place in two week's time.

I've never tried the service before, but the rationale of saving me the bother of going out to meet people being a typical wallpaper was really appealing. LOL

*two fingers crossed*

In anticipation of everything, I have prepared a food, and exercise diary to ensure that I religiously record everything for the next four weeks. Ganbate.

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