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Brooks Training Diary: February 19th

February 18th 2013:
Came back from a date on Sunday night at Sunway Pyramid. It was interesting for the first date in a long time of four months ... LOL.

But now I have to focus on training for 10k marathon, with only two weeks left to go. (and another six months for Standard Chartered 10k in end June).

I believe that proper training and hard work is the way to go. Unless you are supernaturally gifted, there is... no short cuts but discipline when building endurance, resistance and strong cardiovascular system. Also use your wisdom and initiative to find out what's right for you and change when it is not suitable. There is no product that can help your body walk 10k in superman speed of 45mins.. That comes from months (and years, I believe) of training. Nothing else I can add.
On Saturday (16/02), I completed about one hour of circuit training at True Fitness in the morning. Went home to rest for about three hours.

So I completed about 7.42km on Saturday evening. However my time of completion took a bit longer about 97minutes, which I had to stop due to the rain.

This second practice took a bit longer time to walk than the one on Thursday's, possibly due due to inadequate recovery period.

My right leg is currently still sore so I've decided to make it at least minimum a two day recovery period before I proceed to go on another outdoor walk to minimize any further injury this close to the marathon.
February 19th 2013:
So I bought a raincoat intending to practise walking in the rain. With the rain this heavy (now) I thought better of it..
Anyways, as I was getting ready to go out for a short run, I heard my dog wriggling about near the gate. He came towards the gate and looked at me with his 'puppy dog look'= he wants to go for a run too....

So anyways, normally owners should leash the dog before taking them... out for a run, but Vicky had chewed off every other leash we put on him >_<
Vicky ran alongside me.. He's normally faster (being on four legs!).
I know he was waiting for my command for every now and then, he would turn his head and look at me in the eye. When strangers were walking in front of me, I'd clap my hands and call his name. He somehow understood the signals coz he stopped what he was doing and paused.

As I approached home, he would run towards the gate, then looked at me again, asking me if I was going in, but I continued running, so he just followed. Even if he walked his own path, or greeted other dogs (by smelling their backs and front) he would come running after me once I went out of sight. I think he uses me as a base and would not go walking off in a different direction.

Anyways, managed to do a slow 2km walk in 30mins before it started to rain and we had to run back home!

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