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Indonesia: Getting ready to visit Jogyakarta!

So did some outdoor gardening with the children at the main centre today. Havent done this in a while as I have been indoors at another centre mostly. Its a good change to just breathe some fresh air. Then had a nice sausage and egg roll, with a warm mug of cocoa milk. YUM.

So... I'm almost ready for Jogyakarta! Will be heading to Surabaya for a christian conference the following week, but the few days prior will be just hanging out and visiting the other local tourist spots. One of my BFFs, Asta will be joining us in Surabaya.

I got the rupiah changed yesterday. (I count the rupiah in korean language as they use a similar counting system but in different languages).

The best selling rate was found at Midvalley yesterday was Rupiah 3.14 to Rm100, which was cheaper than some of the other malls I visited earlier.

On my first day to Jogyakarta, I believe our host, Dicky will take our entourage to do a bit of roaming around town, and then head straight to Borobudur. It is this world renowned ancient Buddhist temple. I will be bringing my new super cool Lumix camera to take some super cool pictures, and some comfy sandals to walk around.

This trip will be pretty cool as there will be some mates along. Travelling with mates is always a more enjoyable experience as you have someone to watch your back in case of troubles. Cool.

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