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Days 1 to 4: Indonesia


Days 1 to 4: Indonesia

Today is the 8th day of my visit in Indonesia. I've spent the last eight days travelling through Jogyakarta, Surakarta (Solo for short), Sragen, and finally ending in Surabaya.

I am now writing through my Nokia mobile phone using the wifi connection in the FaveHotel that we are now lodged at. My room mate, Asta is happily snoring away as I type away at 2am in the morning.

The first thing one notices here is the sunrise which is up from 5.30am onwards. It is bright daylight by 6am. Sunset is equally early, being pitch dark by 6pm.

Having stayed for the first few days in the small towns, and then moving to stay for the last few days in a bigger city like Surabaya, the differences can really be seen and felt as well in the infrastructure, as well the facilities provided.

Life in Solo seems to be rather slow, but pace much more than Sragen, and perhaps Jogyakarta as well.

It takes about 1.5 hours from Jogyakarta to Solo, 30mins from Solo to Sragen, and 30mins from Sragen to Wilakukun where my host, Dicky stays.

My host, Dicky picked me up from the airport at Jogyakarta Adijucipto Airport. The trip took longer than expected as Dicky forgot his handheld and had to make a detour from the airport.

During the first few days, Remus was here with his uncle for some business affairs. On my 2nd day here we visited a waterfall in Tawangmanggu with Dicky and his family, Remus, and his uncle. This was then followed by an Outbound outdoor adventure which cost about 70 rb IDR per person.

On my 3rd day here, Remus and his uncle went home, whereas I made a trip to Candi Borobudur on my own. The trip wasn't cheap costing about USD20 for international visitors. But nonetheless it was a trip that every traveller must make when making that visit to Jogyakarta.

It was also interesting trip as on my trip back to Jogyakarta on the bus, I met two elderly Australian ladies from Melbourne who independently took the local buses on their own even without speaking a word of Bahasa Indonesian...
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Indonesia: Off to Jogyakarta!


Indonesia: Off to Jogyakarta!

The morning of preparation for this trip has been busy. There were so many things I wanted to bring (though its just a 10 day trip, LOL.

Had some disputes with my parents (who overly worry about my wellbeing, sigh).

Anyways, managed to hop on the bus to LCCT at about 9:00 ish hours, bought a Rm8 one way bus ticket.

Have now checked in, boarded the airplane and was on my merry way to Jogyakarta!

See you guys soon!

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Written on January 17, 8:10am. 
I'm glad and relieved to have RC, my nonsensical and crazy friend back.
You know it was necessary for me to just do my own things, and didn't judge me for it. I know you have your issues, and so did I.
I'm glad we each can speak our minds, and be transparent in most things.
Welcome back! We'll meet again soon.
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Indonesia: Getting ready to visit Jogyakarta!


Indonesia: Getting ready to visit Jogyakarta!

So did some outdoor gardening with the children at the main centre today. Havent done this in a while as I have been indoors at another centre mostly. Its a good change to just breathe some fresh air. Then had a nice sausage and egg roll, with a warm mug of cocoa milk. YUM.

So... I'm almost ready for Jogyakarta! Will be heading to Surabaya for a christian conference the following week, but the few days prior will be just hanging out and visiting the other local tourist spots. One of my BFFs, Asta will be joining us in Surabaya.

I got the rupiah changed yesterday. (I count the rupiah in korean language as they use a similar counting system but in different languages).

The best selling rate was found at Midvalley yesterday was Rupiah 3.14 to Rm100, which was cheaper than some of the other malls I visited earlier.

On my first day to Jogyakarta, I believe our host, Dicky will take our entourage to do a bit of roaming around town, and then head straight to Borobudur. It is this world renowned ancient Buddhist temple. I will be bringing my new super cool Lumix camera to take some super cool pictures, and some comfy sandals to walk around.

This trip will be pretty cool as there will be some mates along. Travelling with mates is always a more enjoyable experience as you have someone to watch your back in case of troubles. Cool.
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When God delays


When God delays

Dear Lord, I pray you help me understand that when you delay the granting of our inner most heart desires, You have a reason for it. Sometimes its for Your glory, and sometimes its for our own good.

As much as we may not understand at that time and place, but just as You look after the birds in the fields, how much more we your children are even more precious to you!

John 11:6 Yet when Jesus heard that Lazarus was sick, He stayed where He was two more days....

(John 12:18-19)
The Pharisees said to one another, "See, this is getting us
nowhere. Look how the whole world has gone after

Thank You God for reminding me of your love for us, that all things will come in Your appointed time.
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