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Wish List for Christmas 2012

Wish List for Christmas:

1. Anything from Fossil. I love their Maddox range... (i like tomboy-ish style mah).

2. Earrings (with min pure 925 silver studs or else my ears will bleed. I'm serious!)

3. Clothes - I really like the range from Puri Padi in Malacca (16 Jalan Hong Kasturi, Jonker Street.), that I bought two dresses on the spot! But nothing off the shoulder for the time being till I work on my figure...

4. Accessories.... (Swarovski, Tiffany, etc)

5. A new camera from Canon (digital range, coz the good photographers somehow prefer Canon)

6. A new touch screen from Samsung (preferably with QWERTY keyboard and long lasting battery).

Things I do not want to get:1) Soft toys

3) Books. (I got no time to read these days)

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