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Eats: Kuen's Farewell @ Street Cafe (SS15)

Lunchbox bulgogi, popular in the 1980s.
Kuen's farewell dinner tonight. It was arranged by Shereen Ang, and held at this korean diner, Street Cafe SS15.
I decided to attend as I remembered my own farewells, and how each of my farewells were touching and memorable.

It was a really rainy evening out tonight. Somehow I believe it was definitely a 'divine'
afterthought as two persons ended up asking for transport after I replied the email, but I didn't leave
my number!

David S. was the first person to respond. I was going to take the wheel, but since he requested, I just let him drive. He was really excited to test drive the Honda Civic.. LOL. Then we had to pick up a girl from my old apartments in Endah Villa...

I think the entire Connections 1 cell group turned up tonight. It was a good chance to catch up and bersembang-sembang tonight.

All my usual kaki went and sat at the tables, but the rest of us just sat on the mats on the floor. I met  Joseph Chee, a chap from R4 who works in medical science (he's actually a microbiologist), and a chatty lady who sometimes attends this church, RLC.

For dinner, I ordered the Lunchbox rice bulgogi. Yes, you actually did cover the Lunchbox with the lid and shake the whole box. That's the entire fun of it.. LOL!

I was really tired so I left by 10pm. Tomorrow is another long day to attend to....

Cafe Address:
No. 28, Jalan SS15/8, Subang Jaya,
47500 Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Operating Hours:
Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 23:00
Sat - Sun: 11:00 - 23:00
Contact: 03-5632 9822


Michelle said...

That bulgolgi lunchbox looks delicious!! Looks like the size of lunch I pack myself for work.

CY said...

they used to do this in Korea in the 1980s according to my korean friends. No one got the joke of course, but I thought it was fun to do it since I know about it. LOL

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