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What crazy things would you do with Rm15,000?

I was at an Elken Ken Sigma product training today. The trainer, Alvin, asked us to write down a list of things we would do if we could earn Rm15,000.

1. Take my parents and brother out for a Rm1,500- 2,000) dinner.

2. Spend Rm1,000 on luxurious dog food and dog spa for Vicky, my handsome mixed breed dog.

3. Spend one night at the Penthouse in a luxurious hotel in Kuala Lumpur, and bring my family along. (Rm2,000?)

4. Buy Rm5,000 worth of Elken Charms lingerie set.

5. Spend the remaining (Rm5,000 ish) on makeover with a famous fashion stylist.

What crazy things would you do?

The trainer, Alvin has actually done all this. He continues to say this:

'If you can afford to spend this much on the things you have never dreamt of, it just shows you are capable of earning this SILLY much to spend this SILLY much!'

Are you ready to earn that Rm15,000 yet???

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