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I bought Elken Elysyle Corpsdevere DX

Recently a colleague of mine who is an Elken member asked me to go and have a look at their Elysyle Corpsdevere DX body shaping lingerie.

I have been quite interested in their body lingerie from a very long time ago, but just did not see the need to have a fitting until recently.

Something sparked my interest to try out the bodywear after having tried Easecox's. After having a fitting of their Elysyle DX, I had a think about it for the next few days.

Just like the dream of every teenager and young adult to have perfect teeth, they go to the orthodontist to have their teeth straightened.

It is also the dream of every woman to own a shaping lingerie that not only makes them looking sexy and elegant, but could shape and mould their bodies to look better, slimmer and hot!

My upline,Sook Keny has five children with the eldest being 12, and the youngest 2. She does not look a day over 40.. and has an hourglass figure!! She's been wearing the DX for 10 years.

Looking at my own physical condition, where I was veering on plump, and no longer fitting into any of my clothes in the last 6 months.

I didn't succeed very well with taking supplements or dieting, and already started on the physical exercise. I thought it was time I took a plunge into shaping lingerie.

The Elken Corpsdevere DX claims to
- Push Fat
- Reposition Fat
- Lock in the Position of Fat
- Straighten the Back (Waist Nipper/Body Shaper)
- Halt the effects of gravity.

Elken Corpsdevere DX
After considering my options, I decided to just go for 1 x DX Long Set - Waist Nipper (regular) which is retailing at the Normal Price of Rm2725.00, but members can purchase it at a lower price of Rm2475.00.

The second set which is the -1x waist Nipper set + 1 x body Shaper (regular) size retails at normal price of Rm5375, but members can purchase it at a lower price of Rm4855.

I also decided to join as member for Rm75 as Elken currently had a welcome gift retailing for Rm99 which covers the member joining fee. Further too, my total purchases as a member would allow me to get a rebate at the end of the month. That sounded pretty good to me.

Anyways, good news to those who don't own a credit card. Elken actually has an agreement with AEON which arranges for 36 month instalment plan with interest for customers who do not own a credit card.

We'll measure my progress as it goes along.

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