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Elken: A Scam?

Today I realized for the 2nd time, how people can be hostile towards even their own blood relatives who have joined a MLM/Direct Marketing company.

In this instance, after the second time I had asked a cousin to go on a fitting, I was sent a lovely five paragraph email detailing how she didn't want to give me the false impression that she would buy from me. She then went on this lovely story on how she was planning an overseas trip and it was all too costly. (there I was thinking, 'did I ask?').

When queried, a mate quipped that telling your mates that you have joined a Direct Marketing company will engender the same horrified response as someone who is trying to share with them of how the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ saves all mankind from their ugly and dark sins.

*Sounds like a good idea*. Perhaps I should share about Elken and Jesus Christ at the same time, hence killing two birds with one stone.

*Laughs Wickedly* *Gives Evil Look*

Regardless of how others think, remember that the decision to join an MLM or Direct Marketing company is one that no one can coerce you into. If you don't trust or like their products, you should not join no matter how lucrative others say the business is.

In my instance, I really love their Elken DX Corpsdevere Waist Nipper. I love that I no longer look like the blop that I was one month ago in July 2012. Flipping through my photos in July, my waist could pass for a rectangular prism and you wouldn't think twice!

Some people seem to think that MLM is a short cut business, and a get rich scheme. It couldn't be further from the truth.

Everything comes at a price. Goal setting, hard work, patience, and smart networking is essential to make it big whether its blogging, climbing up the corporate ladder, or starting your own business.

Overcoming one's aversion to pain and hardwork is all you need. That my friend, is THE secret to success.

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