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Corpsdevere DX Waist Nipper

I was wearing the Corpsdevere DX Waist Nipper to work today in a body hugging dress. The first response was through my colleague's eyes that turned big and wide, and the second was them saying 'Wow... You waist is so thin!'.

Okay, that seemed to say a lot, even though I haven't really lost any weight yet... LOL

Anyways, I have been wearing the Corpsdevere DX for the last few days. A few hours into wearing it, I realise that the areas around my waist and my boobs started to itch.

When I asked my cousin in law (who also owns an older edition of the DX) about it, she told me that it means my blood is circulating, which is a good thing.

A read on the manual explains that:

'The foundation lingerie functions to shape your body. Therefore, it must 'stick' to your skin. When this occurs, the blood circulation system under the skin will be stimulated. Thus, itchiness will occur.'

Apparently this is only for the short term, and after a while, the itchiness will subside.

The cleaning of the Corpsdevere DX has also been quite easy. I use the Lingerie Cleaning liquid which is sold by Elken for this purpose.

It is about 10ml for about 5 litres of water. Since I don't have that much to clean, I measure it pro rata in the included measuring cap before pouring it from the bottle.

First I run the used lingerie in the water through water. Like how you clean your dishes, one does not straight away add washing liquid before running it through water. The same concept applies here.

Then we add the appropriate amount of lingerie cleaning liquid to the basin and let the dirty lingerie soak for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing it in clean water.

After rinsing the detergent off, I dry the wet lingerie between a clean dry towel to let the towel soak up the water. I leave it that way and go off to do my own errands for about ten minutes.

Then I return and take the lingerie off and let it dry in a room with airconditioning. It will dry within an hour.

Now don't you think the cleaning is rather easy, quick and fast?

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