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Vonza Gallery: a new Orthorest bed set.

Wow, I cant believe it either but I'm already down 8 days towards my goal.

For even as Daniel 10:12 says, even the angels of the Lord took 21 days before they could deliver the message of the Lord to Daniel, so we must persist as we await the Lord's answer. I must learn to remain still and patient, and await the Lord's next step in my life.

Tonight being the last day of the July home fair I am working at in Midvalley, I finally decided on a new Orthorest bed set from Vonza Gallery just before the expo finished for the day. The big boss lady, Lucy Wong, didn't give me much of a discount, but just enough to appease the staff for their pockets >_<.

The range this time was much better than the one I saw at Viva Mall expo, and of course more expensive by at least Rm500, so it definitely is better!

The bed is double deckered with one single sized mattress, and one for the lower compartment. The mattresses and bed set are cream coloured, and came with two free pillows set. The sides are at least not stapled (how dodgy) like some of the ones recommended. Finally, more free size in my room as it is a single size set.

Space is what I really now in my room, as I barely even have walking space!

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