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Picking up the pieces: moving on with my life.

Picking up the pieces of any broken relationship is never easy in the initial few weeks. However,
two weeks on, I'm taking baby steps to get on with my life.

The first week after my break up, I was fighting with myself and used up a lot of brain energy trying to decide whether it was the right thing to do.

Its now Day 11 after the breakup. I do think of the Ex, and sometimes I feel sad, but I keep telling myself its for my own well being and sanity that this has happened.

I know that I am now creating a new future with a
much more solid foundation--a better me!

That's the way to heal myself and prepare myself to be ready for an emotionally healthy relationship when the time comes.

If ever I get back with the Ex, it has to be when the Ex has shown he has evolved from who he formerly was, and proved himself worthy to be even worth getting together with. History has shown that people take at least a year and over to change, and I don't have that kind of time to wait for someone who isn't interested to.

To help me in my evolvement and let go of the past, I kick started by making changes in my routines.

I've since signed up for Zumba and Latin Dancing classes. Many eons ago, I actually learnt chacha for over six months. I don't remember much of it these days, but having a pair of custom latin dance shoes help me get into the swing of things.

I'm also considering enrolling in Belly Dancing as I have the hip bell skirt that I bought a long time ago. But first, I might give yoga a try as I already bought a voucher off a group purchase site a week back.

Most people start on their evolvement by looking after their health, and fitness level. When you are fit physically, it affects your mood. Meeting up with old supportive friends and enlarging your social circle is also a way to lift your spirits.

A fortnight ago, I finally decided to again start attending Cell Group where most of my FGA 'kaki' was. Its been a while, but it was good to see all of them, old and new members.

My dad has not been too encouraging, but there are some things we have to stick to and do in order to move forward in life when an old church dies. Its a decision I have made, and I intend to stick to it (that which is another story).

Another change that I've made is investing in a tummy shaper from Easecox that I've been wearing diligently since Sunday. I got it off a mate who still keeps some of her old stock, and since its cheaper than the current price, I thought I'd give it a go.

I was trying to decide between Elken and Easecox, but in the end I chose Easecox due to the fabric material type. For years I've been debating whether to get it (yes, years!), and I thought it was high time I invested in something most women would wear.

The diligence is already paying off as my colleagues thought I was wearing it today, but it was actually in the laundry. When I told them that I wasn't, they were surprised! ^^

Jo, my korean ex-housemate in Sydney is here now visiting me in Kuala Lumpur. So the last few days we've been trying to clean the house. I say 'trying' cause when one of us cleans it, another person will end up throwing rubbish there!

We cleaned through the bookshelf in my family room, as it was a thorough mess. After going through the shelf, we had an entire towering stack of books. Most of it were old books, and it was good time to chuck old things out in an already overcrowded house. There was an old book of poems from my first bf, JK.. I didn't throw that out though.

Jo's husband just called to let me know she has arrived! Woo hoo! I'll be picking her up soon. Her brother and family will also be arriving this weekend, so I'll be meeting everyone.

I know I will have a fantastic week bonding again with Jo and family.

See you guys later in a bit!

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