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Four weeks on: Moving On

So its now four weeks since I broke up with my Ex. I am able to see things a lot more clearer and better.

I'm feeling a lot better, and my wounds are healing slowly and steadily. But thats fine. It will take another 4 weeks before I am completely healed, but at least I know I didn't waste my time on someone who was wasting my precious time on someone who was not going to commit to me.

I had a lovely chat with CAL tonight (who is back in Malaysia for a visit). It is different talking to people already married, and those who are still single and not in relationships.

Hence, I decided recently that it is not a good thing to seek advice/counsel from singles, or people who are barely even engaged themselves on how to sustain a successful relationship.

I guess its sort of a universal code that when a guy says 'My work is priority', it just means that. His work is priority. Nothing more, nothing less.

The problem with females is we don't listen when a guy says that, and assumes he is saying something else.

Its also another guy code to mean, 'I won't put you as priority, so don't expect anything else from me. I won't ask you to leave, as I like your company. I'm just not in love with you. You are free to stay, but I can't give you much attention either.'

So as the woman, the best thing a woman can do in this situation is leave and hold your head up high and with dignity.

Womenfolk, please listen when a guy says that. He really means it, and nothing else. He's just trying to be gentle and subtle without hurting your feelings.

It is just so wonderful and overwhelming an experience to know that you are being loved by someone who totally adores you and is totally in love with you. Relationships shouldn't be that difficult.

I know that God is preparing the right one for me, and I can't wait for that day to come. ^^

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