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Developing Self Confidence

I realised that I display passive aggressive traits due to home communication dynamics. As a result of this self awareness, I'm taking ownership of this area and baby steps to develop confidence.

These are some pointers taken from this site: Acting-Passive-Aggressive

Take classes to increase your self-confidence.

Get help through a psychologist or other medical

Stop seeing people as threats and stop seeing yourself as a victim; if you don't want to do
something, just say so.

Own things and do them well;

stop procrastinating and stop "forgetting" things on purpose; people do notice and it wears thin.

Get positive. Being negative all the time is not only a real drag on those around you but it is stifling you and your abilities.

Realize that you are responsible for you and that only you' can make your own life a better, more pleasant one.

Stop criticizing other people, especially those in authority. It doesn't make them smaller but it does make you smaller; it also makes you boring to be around and others are very wary that they're going to be the next target of your nasty jibes.

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