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Bringing korean visitors around.

So much has happened in the last two weeks. It was an interesting learning experience playing host to a korean family with an infant on pram and trying to get round the city on KL's 'integrated' train transport system.

I am surprised I could actually remember much of my korean vocabulary though I've not spoken it for the last seven months! Some of the sales personnel at MidValley thought we were all koreans.

Nonetheless it was wise that I only spoke with Jo in English when were at the smaller shops so they could not make out our identity.

When I was in Penang, I had a manicure done, and was speaking mostly cantonese with the nail technicians. They could guess that I was from out of town, as Penang is mostly Hokkien speaking.

Even when I boarded the plane to KL, the air stewardess started speaking to me in Hokkien.... LOL. I just let her.

One last thing I must mention is that no matter how much you think you should be constantly be with your foreign friends, as one doing it on a voluntary basis, it is advisable to let them decide things on their own after the initial few days.

No matter how much as a local you know a particular food type sucks, if your visitors insist on trying it because their guide book says so, please let them try it. It makes life a lot easier. You will find the outcome/feedback most interesting.

Also, if you are physically exhausted, please take a rest as when you need to and let your visitors get around the foreign city Free & Easy. (preferable if there is an english speaker amongst them).

The foreign visitors will enjoy the visit better and appreciate the city more just as much on their own.

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