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Be Yourself


Be Yourself

Zen, a mate who has known me for many years, mentioned to me that in the observations of my interactions with this guy I was dating recently, I haven't been true to myself.

Perhaps it takes another person to see you for who you are when you really aren't yourself.

Pondering on her words, I have to agree it is true.

So Chea-Yee, just be who you are.

Love yourself and value you for who you are. If you don't, no one else will.
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Day 3, 3rd June: Singapore


Day 3, 3rd June: Singapore

[this post is a little late as its been hibernating in my draft section]

On Sunday morning, I wanted to head to Botanic Gardens to enjoy the serenity there. That obviously did not come into fruition....again.

I ended up leaving Jurong East flats and had morning tea at 8.45am. By the time I was done, it almost 9.45am, and it took a good 40 minutes from Jurong East to Harbourfront by MRT.

Finally met the elusive Eric, elder brother of Jason who resides in the Lion City. (psst!! He is darn good looking just like his sisters, but we don't need to tell him that, do we? ^_^ )

I passed him some heavy HDDs (LOL... Private joke.) Eric then brought me to check out some restaurants at VIVO City, which I then had to choose between a 'sam sui' (three water) soup restaurant, but my preference leaned towards the pictures of the menu on the Dian Xiao Er wall.

At DXE, Eric ordered a dish consisting of a type of crispy skin duck, kai lan, soy fish, and peanut-ishy soup of some sort, chrysanthemum tea (that came in glasses), and rice.

I was initially tempted to try the 'sam shui' place as that is my ancestral Canton village, but nah....The food at Dian Xiao Er was not bad. The bill came up to SGD60ish. Thanks, Eric!

Note: Din Siew Yee, is a cantonese word. I'm not sure about it in mandarin, but if u watch cantonese dramas, thats what they used to call the waiters/ waitresses in the canton areas. So I'm guessing the food in this place is of cantonese origin too.

Eric accompanied me till my companions arrived.

In the afternoon, Shuh Yong, ex-housemate and I headed towards Sentosa Island.

Sentosa Island:
Admission: 3 SGD (including Express Sentosa train fare.)
Evening Pass 28.90SGD.

We went in through the train to go into
Sentosa. We took a walk by foot and was sweating buckets....

*I was almost fainting to the heat.....*

We then decided to just catch the free tram around the island.

On the last leg before 6pm, we took a bus
that brought us to the Casino. We left the island taking the bus, and then changed our tickets for the cable car access passes.

For rides, we chose the unlimited Skyrides, the Songs of the Sea, and return cable car rides. The Songs of the sea was a short but enjoyable pyrotehcnics 45mins show.

I lost SY after the show (the phone battery died too!) so I took a bus back, as the tickets were with her. I was really tired out, but I wanted to use my Tourist Pass to the max.

Botanic Gardens@ night: Normally people would be home by 9ish pm. Since it was my last night in Singapore, I decided by hook or by crook, to make a trip here. I alighted from the yellow Circle Line and made my way to the garden.

The place is lighted up with many street lamps. There were even groups of people having picnic on the grass. A buggy with security drove around the park to ensure nothing untowards would happen. I really like the calm there and would go again if I have the chance.

I boarded the Jurong East red line train again, and FB chatted with Bryan as I continued the ride, and he told me the interesting spots on it (he lives along the red line).

By the time I reached Jurong East, it was already 11.30pm, and was totally zonked out.

That was a totally well spent Sunday. ^^
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Day 2, 2nd June: Singapore


Day 2, 2nd June: Singapore

This morning I had a sleep in. Was really tired out from my early wake on Friday to catch the Aeroline bus.

Chinese & Japanese Gardens:
Had a lovely walk in the chinese garden. It is expansive, quiet and serene here. Very cooling and romantic. There are lights here, so I'm assuming those were for night walks.

I even met a caucasian couple from Melbourne. I could recognize from their accent. It was an interesting chat as they have a son married to a singaporean chinese lady, and we had extensive discussions about visas, citizenship, and culture.

My mate from USQ, Bryan met up with for the afternoon. We bought a can drink from a convenience store near the Chinese Gardens MRT. Turns out that A&W restaurants closed down in Singapore due to lack of patronage.

Jcube@ Jurong East:
For afternoon tea, we took a train back to Jurong East. We took a walk around Jcube and finally decided on Watami, a casual Japanese Restaurant. The food seemed affordable for the range it offered. We had Watami Egg Salad and a rice hot stone dish, 2 different types of desserts, including Matcha Tiramisu and fountain green tea. YUM. The meal came up to about 30 SGD. I am in love with their Matcha Tiramisu....

Bryan walked me back to the flats as I needed to get back in time to get ready to go out again.

Sushi Tei@ Raffles City.
For dinner, my ex house mate, Shuh Yong brought me to Sushi Tei, at City Hall. I ordered a Sukiyaki with Udon, and Shuh Yong ordered a tempura Ten Don. For dessert, I ordered peach ice cream, whilst she ordered matcha ice-cream. The meal came up to about 60SGD. Thanks for dinner, Shuh Yong!

After that, we took a trip around town on bus. One expensive lesson we took out of the trip, all the trains stop before 12am! Its either the Night Ride or taxis after that!
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Day 1: Singapore 2012


Day 1: Singapore 2012

So I arrived safely in Singapore on a Friday. There was a bit of kerfuffle in regards to the tickets of my trip down here, and not something I want to discuss about.

Jason stepped up to save the situation, so all was good.

Aeroline: They served a standard kosher Subway for breakfast, a serve of hot drinks of your choice, and a bottle of water. There was also a selection of movies passengers could choose to watch for their viewing pleasure.

I watched 'Laughing Gor again' (Michael Tse), and the old movie, 'Catch Me if You Can'.

Arrived at Harbourfront via Aeroline Bus around 2pm.

The exchange rate today at Harbourfront was 1.21SGD to 1AUD. I changed about AUD145 = SGD175.81.

@Sanrio: First shop I stepped into was Sanrio. Spent about 40SGD on notepads, letter and stationery set. There was 20% off on all items, so I was in luck!

@Max Brenner Chocolate: Tried their hot chocolate for 8SGD (including tax). Considering the price, it seemed rather watered down compared to my Malaysian Starbucks Hot Chocolate I had last Friday night.

It could be a bit thicker, and very different from its sydney counterpart. Good try, but I don't think it was worth its price.

@Singapore Tourist Pass: 30SGD (10SGD refundable) for unlimited usage for three days (until Sunday) on all Buses, MRT & LRT.

For dinner, we went to this 'Kopitiam' franchise cafeteria. They utilise a 'prepay' card to use for purchasing food across all outlets within Singapore.

Shuh Yong took me to her place to stay, and we dropped our stuff before heading out again.
We went out on the bus, but I was totally zonked out so we turned in early.
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