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Terimee: Opening Trial Promotions

So I was at a Terimee slimming salon near my place recently, as these are their current open course promotions available as on their brochures.

Rm588: 10 visits
-UIC (padding) x 10
-CW (cold wrapping) x 10

= RM58.80/visit.

Rm688: 10 visits @ 1 hour
- IC Scrub with HB (Heat Blanket) x 10
= RM 68.80/ visit

Rm988: 12 visits @ 1.5 - 2 hours

- IC Scrub HB x 7
- F70 G7 x 7
- P CW (cold wrapping) x 5

 = RM82.33/visit.

Rm1588: 25 visits @ 1.5 hour
 Done together @ 1.5 hours
- TMO  Heat Blanket x 7
- F70  G5 x 7

Done individually@ 30 mins each
- 2 in 1 (treadmill) x 8
- UIC x 5 (padding) x 5

done together @ 15 mins
-SB (sauna) x 5
- P CW (cold wrapping) x 5

= RM65.32/visit.

I'm familiar with the the type of treatments after my prior experiences with slimming salons in 2009 and 2010. At worst, they won't be as hard sell as Bizzy Body, or S2 Slimming.

But I must admit, the vietnamese thereapists at S2 Slimming, and also recently, the indonesian therapists which I have tried a couple of days back at Beauty Century respectively do render pretty firm slimming massages though.

I have tried the so called 'slimming massages' at Bizzy Body, and it was pretty crappy for the price I paid, so I would not put my money on their services as it really is not value for money.

I ended up disregarding Terimee as I did not think the packages were to my budget, and not so value of  money for money compared to what I was quoted under S2 Slimming.

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