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My Chocolate Flavoured Meal Replacement Protein Shake.

So about two weeks back, I bought a chocolate flavoured meal replacement 'protein shake' from Natures Farm in Jaya One. That costs about RM200 ++.

My aim was to use it to replace one of my meals as I prefer warm food for Breakfast. For the evening meal,  I had to take my mom's homemade dinner, so the only time left for me to try out the meal replacement protein shake was during lunch.

It was a good chance to try it out as I did not want to take the oily and fried food from the nearby mamak shop, which consisted mostly of crispy fried chicken, rice and a whole egg (which is my favourite combination) but always ended up with a bloated tummy in the aftermath.
Breakfast: 4 slices of whole meal bread with tuna spread. + water.

Lunch: Chocolate flavoured protein shake + more water.

Afternoon tea: 2 slices of 'bread loaf skin' bread with kaya and olive butter.

Dinner last night : steamed Pomfret (Bak Chong), stirfried vege & rice. + 1/4 slice of a papaya (two hours later).

30/3: (Friday)
Morning: I had 2.5 home made pancakes with some drips of Active 5 manuka honey & butter. Took 1 Ester C & a pill with ginseng content (for energy). + water.

Lunch: Chocolate flavoured protein shake.

18th May 2012:
I've currently put off taking the meal replacement for the time being. Am now doing the Amway Detox Bootcamp, but may look at this later again.

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