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Losing all that KL kilos I put on.

Since I came back from Sydney in December, I have been putting on weight.

No thanks to the bad hot weather, and convenience of the car, I must have cut down on my exercise (if any!) of walking every day at least 30 mins (from previously Narwee station). Not to mention, all the night suppers.

I have put on at least 6 kilos since December 2011, and now weighing 62.5 kilos. Scary heh.

Tentative Plan:
As Kuala Lumpur isn't exactly well known for its safety for out door walking these days, I have a treadmill I can use at home.

Treadmill - twenty mins for a start, and up it as my endurance increases.

My treadmill from Gintell (Cant remember the model though) is a fantastic piece of beginner's work, as it
- measures your pulse as you run (you need to hold the handles),
- displays distance ran/walked,
- displays how many calories lost.
- has a safety feature in case children happen to walk on it
- has the normal cool down program for treadmills.
- has about over 5 different customizable preset programs for your treadmill walk.

Last night, I lost 50 calories after twenty mins on the treadmill last night with a speed of max 7 km? Not much but a good starting point.

This would also include taking the protein shake meal replacements I bought from Nature Farm recently for lunch. I have to stick to hot or warm food in the morning, and my mom would kill me if I didn't take her home cooked dinner.

Maybe just a smaller portion for dinner,

Not really sure how I'd do it, but doing a weigh in isn't going to do my motivation/self confidence any good, so I am aiming to do a weigh in every 7 days for a start.

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