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Role of a man.

So I have five different sources telling me this.

'It is the role and responsibility of the man to support the household and the wife and not expecting the wife the contribute in any way. It is a bonus if the wife decides to work.'

It is something to ponder on in this time and age when females seem to be fighting for equality, and buying into that line of thinking where mothers seem to have difficulty when it comes to deciding if they even have a choice anymore to be a stay at home mother to look after the children.

Did the father expect the domestic help to look after the children? Even mothers in law may not want to help out with looking after the grandchildren.

Or is it different depending on where you are located?

In Sydney, sending a child to daycare is an expensive affair. Parents have to be earning thousands of dollars to be able to afford sending their children to the daycare five days a week.

Granted, some of it is subsidized on the days the children come as the australian government is trying to get mothers back into the workforce. On the days the children don't attend daycare, I know of many mothers who stay at home to look after the children.

Sending a child to daycare in Sydney CBD can cost up to AUD100ish per day, whereas in the suburbs is about as much as AUD80ish in 2012.

If parents have two children in daycare, that's twice the amount....

Unless a mother is earning enough to cover the daily daycare fees, it is not worth the effort for the mother to go to work, and better to just stay home to look after the kids.

I concur.

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