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Newcom Karaoke @ Subang Jaya.

So today was supposed to be my free day to edit and upload pictures from the weekend on Picasa 3. So much for that!

In the morning, I was supposed to be headed for dim sum with my parents at Jade Pot, Old Klang Road. Somehow that turned into a pork noodles lunch with a mate, Zen. Then we headed for an afternoon karaoke session at Newcom Karaoke in Subang Jaya with some of her other mates.

It was a pretty good deal as Newcom Subang was having a January 50 percent off the Rm28++ price promotion, which also included a buffet lunch. The buffet selection was pretty light on the fare, but customers came with one free dish with the per person fee.

Apparently my mate's friend had to book six days in advance for a room, as today was a public holiday. The karaoke set had indonesian, korean, japanese, hong kong, chinese and the usual english selection for karaoke songs.

Anyways, just made some yummy spaghetti sauce earlier this evening with tomatoes, beef patties, onions, tomato sauce and champignons. Will prepare the other finger foods to be packed for our picnic tomorrow morning.

Yes, we're going for a picnic tomorrow with Asta, Wei Meng, and Chee Chun! Haven't had one in ages. Woo hoo! Will reveal the secret location tomorrow night!

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