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The Power of Words and Action.


The Power of Words and Action.

(this post was written on 24th October 2011)
If you have read my entries, you'd have known that my weekends for the past three over years was spent learning something. Which in the past years was korean language. As a result, I'm now fairly conversant in Korean.

About three months back, a Thai mate of mine and I were scouting for college courses at TAFE and UTS. I ended up enrolling and studying.

Now three months on, I see the same mate getting her academic papers certified true copy. I believe that Actions do speak louder than words.

So it happened one day over dinner..... Like most adventures, thats how it started....

Over Vietnamese pho for dinner one weekend with three of us, a Thai, a Korean, and a Malaysian, I proclaimed that as women living in Sydney, we had to do something of value for each day that we lived.
'We all work hard year in year out, and the years are just passing away. As women, we are not getting any younger. I dont want to live my life like that. I have a goal (which I shall privately if you ask nicely). But before one can do that, one first needs to have the desire to reach it.

Do you have that desire? What are you doing about it?'

One mate jokingly threw a challenge. If that's the case, why not lets pray to reach ours in approximately 14 months? Then we meet back at the end of that time period and share our results.

So this fateful evening while having dinner with the Korean mate, I heard that the Thai mate had heeded my words and put that into action. The fire spread to another over the phone to a HK mate. And then finally back to me.

The scene has been set. We shall tentatively come together in 14 months and let the outcome be known by then.

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Role of a man.


Role of a man.

So I have five different sources telling me this.

'It is the role and responsibility of the man to support the household and the wife and not expecting the wife the contribute in any way. It is a bonus if the wife decides to work.'

It is something to ponder on in this time and age when females seem to be fighting for equality, and buying into that line of thinking where mothers seem to have difficulty when it comes to deciding if they even have a choice anymore to be a stay at home mother to look after the children.

Did the father expect the domestic help to look after the children? Even mothers in law may not want to help out with looking after the grandchildren.

Or is it different depending on where you are located?

In Sydney, sending a child to daycare is an expensive affair. Parents have to be earning thousands of dollars to be able to afford sending their children to the daycare five days a week.

Granted, some of it is subsidized on the days the children come as the australian government is trying to get mothers back into the workforce. On the days the children don't attend daycare, I know of many mothers who stay at home to look after the children.

Sending a child to daycare in Sydney CBD can cost up to AUD100ish per day, whereas in the suburbs is about as much as AUD80ish in 2012.

If parents have two children in daycare, that's twice the amount....

Unless a mother is earning enough to cover the daily daycare fees, it is not worth the effort for the mother to go to work, and better to just stay home to look after the kids.

I concur.

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Youwave: Android on Windows PC


Youwave: Android on Windows PC

<iframe width="420" height="315"
src="" frameborder="0"

When I decided to start having a go at Words for Friends on Facebook
games recently, it was my mother's Ipad that I used for playing games.

However since my current mobile phone is on a Symbian platform, and my
internet tethering on PC is not really up to par,
I have decided to give this Android program a trial run.

Perhaps I can run "whatsapp" as well. At least it will only run on
wifi when, and only when I want to.

Thanks, but that's just me.

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Bobbi Brown: Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation SPF 12.

So this is what I purchased last week when I was a One Utama with Pom.

We had gone to a few different cosmetic counters to try out the compact powder but finally decided on the one sold at Bobbi Brown in Ground Floor.

Product:  Bobbi Brown- Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation SPF 12.
Shade: Warm Natural 4.5
Price: RM150. (Approx AUD50 at current time of exchange).

The colour of the compact matches my skin colour which is towards the tan side.

According to Pom, apparently it is cheaper than if to buy it in Sydney as it was going for about AUD70-85.

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Learning about yourselves.


Learning about yourselves.

It was an interesting outing tonight. I learnt a lot about myself and what I really wanted in the last couple of days.

The most valuable thing a female can do for themselves is knowing themselves, what they want from a relationship, as well as the boundaries they need to set around it. Doing this sets the ground and pace of the relationship that will follow.

It is important to get to know a person through a period of time in different situations, to learn about what is important to you and what you are willing to accept.
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Hope Sydney friends in KL


Hope Sydney friends in KL

Hi people, how's your long weekend?

I Had A Blast. On Saturday morning, I headed to Uncang Emas office for a 3 hour make up workshop. Even bought some supplies.

Later that night, I met up with some mates who came down from Sydney. Will put up pictures later. Those who came were Pastor John, his wife Lisa, Amelia and Simon, and her parents, William, Winston, and Pom.

On Saturday, we went to Pantai Seafood near Kayu Ara for dinner. It was really funny, coz William, one our Sydney mates was pronouncing it 'pan-thai' seafood and it didn't appear on Google Maps. I didn't think it was 'thai' food. Then I realized he meant 'Pantai' and then it showed up accordingly on the map.
After that the four of us, William, Winston, Pom and I headed to Syed, which is a mamak in Bangsar Lama. I reached home about an hour after midnight.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to Malacca Street in SS2 for lunch. It is a mid range dining place. Ai Jin joined us for lunch too as well.

After lunch, we headed to One Utama for a bit of shopping. Pom brought me around to the established cosmetic counters to have a look at the compact powder.

I eventually settled in Bobbi Brown. Will write about the experience in another post.
After that, we rushed back to Bangsar as we needed to catch our transport to Ampang. We were headed to New Life Ampang for their 5pm church service.

Anyways, we had dinner there, and then on our way back to Bangsar, stopped over in KLCC to take pictures of the Twin Towers night scene.
It was great meeting up with everyone.

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Newcom Karaoke @ Subang Jaya.

Newcom Karaoke @ Subang Jaya.

So today was supposed to be my free day to edit and upload pictures from the weekend on Picasa 3. So much for that!

In the morning, I was supposed to be headed for dim sum with my parents at Jade Pot, Old Klang Road. Somehow that turned into a pork noodles lunch with a mate, Zen. Then we headed for an afternoon karaoke session at Newcom Karaoke in Subang Jaya with some of her other mates.

It was a pretty good deal as Newcom Subang was having a January 50 percent off the Rm28++ price promotion, which also included a buffet lunch. The buffet selection was pretty light on the fare, but customers came with one free dish with the per person fee.

Apparently my mate's friend had to book six days in advance for a room, as today was a public holiday. The karaoke set had indonesian, korean, japanese, hong kong, chinese and the usual english selection for karaoke songs.

Anyways, just made some yummy spaghetti sauce earlier this evening with tomatoes, beef patties, onions, tomato sauce and champignons. Will prepare the other finger foods to be packed for our picnic tomorrow morning.

Yes, we're going for a picnic tomorrow with Asta, Wei Meng, and Chee Chun! Haven't had one in ages. Woo hoo! Will reveal the secret location tomorrow night!

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The 5 languages of love


The 5 languages of love

I was having a discussion with my cousin sister recently, and she mentioned the word 'love language'.
Now, I don't an inkling of what that means, so I went to google it and found the 5 languages of love by Dr. Gary Chapman.

There is a quiz on the site that allows users to profile and find out more on their own love language. I did it twice as the first one was more hit and miss and never really hits the target.
So this is the result of the second try:

Love Language Scores:
2 Words of Affirmation
7 Quality Time
6 Receiving Gifts
9 Acts of Service
6 Physical Touch
Acts of Service

Can helping with homework really be an expression of love? Absolutely! Anything you do to ease the burden of responsibilities weighing on an "Acts of Service" person will speak volumes.

The words he or she most wants to hear: "Let me do that for you." Laziness, broken commitments, and making more work for them tell speakers of this language their feelings don't matter.

Interesting, hey?

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Fun things to do on a date.


Fun things to do on a date.

I have been out of the dating game for almost six years now. Seems that the years just pass like the blink of an eye. So I'm finally getting back into the game.

When I was out at the mall the other day, I picked up this book by the author, Steve Harvey, 'Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man'. He recommends some excellent activities in the getting to know each other stage.
Among those I find of interest are:

1. Go on dates that help you find out each other's interests. if he's into photography, hit up a photography exhibit at your local mall. (sounds like an idea!)
2. Go out for a picnic in the park. (one of my friends was just suggesting this...)
3. Find out each other's favorite artists and attend a concert together.
4. Release your inner kid and spend an evening playing games at an arcade.
5. Have a few 'firsts' together- ice skating rink. (Sunway Pyramid?)
6. Find a quiet place where you can watch the sunset together. (where in KL?)
7. Play a board game. (I haven't done this in years!)
8. Go for a walk under a starlit sky. (That sounds exciting!).
9. Send each other naughty emails... (umm, not too sure about that... LOL)
10. Read a passage out of each other's favorite book. (lemme rummage through mine first...)
11. Have a movie night in which you both bring your favorite DVDs. (another excellent idea.. )
12. Go to a record store and listen to each other's favorite artists. (Lets go to Tower Records...)
13, Challenge each other to do something silly, like build a sandcastle at the beach or a game of marbles.
14. Hit up a comedy show, you can learn a lot about a person by what they find funny and what they think is offensive.

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