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Two Weeks to Port from Hotlink to U Mobile Sim.

So it took about two weeks to port from Maxis Hotlink to U Mobile.

I made a paper application at one of the stalls. So that was an
"offline manual" application. That was on a Friday, 30th Dec 2011
(being that it was the day before New Year).

One can only imagine why it took so long a time to process the application.....
I finally had my U mobile sim activated on 16th January 2012. I received a text message from U mobile on my Hotlink sim on 15th January 2012. It took about 24 hours after receiving the text message
before I could finally use the U mobile sim.

So far the connection has been "okay", dropping periodically, and
roaming to Celcom every now then. Fortunately the 'roaming' part is
free, else I'd have immediately revert to some other network.

It's cheap, so what can I say? Paying RM28 for 1 GB, that's as cheapest goes.

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