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Porting to U Mobile

My Hotlink data plan expired yesterday. There's no credit and no subscription. My Nokia E63 is now effectively a media player, completely reliant on wifi connection now.

I had made an application to port my number to U Mobile. It was done manually by paper at one of their booths in Kuchai Lama last Friday. Its now Sunday, and I am still using my Hotlink number. *Sighhhhhhh*

U Mobile has a cheaper data plan for about Rm28 for a 1GB data plan with 200 free SMS to any network. Not sure if that's enough coz of the websites that I surf when tethering are data intensive. Sigh.

Now I am typing this on my cousin's Ipad keyboard which is seriously convenient. Ipads are fast. I just need a qwerty keyboard to go with it. However the Kensington keyboard is expensive (about RM300). *crazy* Just making my obligatory visits to see my grandmother today, else I will never hear the end of it of not being a good grand daughter. LOL.

Hey, my ex, Jason just called. called. That's interesting.

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